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Justifying the Fascism of Hillary’s Pay-for-Play

from The Daily Bell:

Hillary vs. the Hate Machine: How Clinton Became a Vessel for America’s Fury … Decades of right-wing attacks turned a crusader of women’s rights into a major target of hate  “The underlying thing about Clinton and her candidacy is it’s not normal. Normal is a male candidate, a male voice, a male tie.” –Rolling Stone

This article in Rolling Stone makes it clear that Hillary is a flawed candidate but that her flaws are not criminal and that she is far more desirable than Trump as president.

In doing so, this article attempts to justify a kind of fascism called “pay-for-play” by minimizing its impact. And it justifies Hillary’s other criminal and sociopathic behavior by virtually ignoring it.

Fascism, classically is associated with authoritarian (governmental) control over the private sector. And certainly pay-to-play comes close to that. The government makes it possible for a specific institution or individual to carry out a given task or service that others have no possibility of performing.

In Hillary’s case, pay-for-play was made possible by the Clinton Foundation. It seems that those who sought her influence or Bill’s influence with political issues could make a donation to the Foundation in return for receiving special treatment.

If true, as it appears it is, the corruption is on an unparalleled level, dwarfing other fedgov scandals. And as we pointed out just yesterday, by running these articles, the mainstream media is significantly devaluing its larger credibility, given the apparent significance of what’s going on.

Hillary is an extremely divisive candidate and her malfeasance is well documented. But still Rolling Stone wants to gloss over it.

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1 comment to Justifying the Fascism of Hillary’s Pay-for-Play

  • tomche

    Pay for play is just another phrase for BRIBERY, plain and simple.

    Sad to see RS spew this drivel…but as they – and others – show their true colors, we can then stop paying for their filthy propaganda.

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