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Jonathan Cahn-We Are at a Dangerous Point

from Greg Hunter:

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4 comments to Jonathan Cahn-We Are at a Dangerous Point

  • willygroper

    cahn/CON the ju for “Yeshua of Israel” is a fraud on the level of a carnival barker.

    whatever you do to ju’s…pahleeeeez, tell that to the occupants of the largest open air prison camp on the planet with more semitic blood the the self proclaimed”ju’s.”

    the first clue is IsRaEl did not exist nor the word Jew.

    yes timing the crashes down to the minute, but no mention of his partners in crime FRB.

  • Millicent

    I have never read much positive feedback on this guy…

    On a more serious front the Western powers appear to be “Hell-Bent” on starting a full-scale war in Syria… Yup, have Osamba declare a state of emergency and postpone the November elections… Right out of the playbook but it could work, they are getting desperate.

  • I find your remarks as TRUTHFUL and Accurate , however they are ” Racist ” and ” Anti-Semitic ! ” SARC/ !!! Isn’t that how the ” Game is played ? We have been warned before ! ….. …. Sounds familiar ? Even in the movies today the Zio Hollywood ” Tribe ” even tells their audience how they operate . Take the movie ” John Carter ” Scene … How Life is ! Think of the destruction of nations instead of worlds …… ….. It’s called in your face !

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