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Hillary Is in Free Fall – Rumors She’s Going to Cancel Debate on Monday

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Liberal crank David Goodfriend and The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss News of the Day, specifically: Clinton supporters, money news, Clinton canceling her fundraiser, and Charlotte protests.

Jim Hoft dropped this bomb during the discussion:

Hillary is in free fall. Everybody knows it. The campaign knows it.. She canceled her appearance yesterday. She had a fundraiser in North Carolina. They didn’t even give an excuse for it. They just canceled. They are rumors now that she’s going to cancel the debate on Monday. Some top conservative wrote me today… And she’s really going in the wrong direction. She spent $50 million last month and dropped 10 points. So it’s a free fall for Hillary. She’s collapsing like she did on 9-11

Liberal Goodfriend lost it after that.
Poor Democrats are freaking out.

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9 comments to Hillary Is in Free Fall – Rumors She’s Going to Cancel Debate on Monday

  • anon

    She could already be DEAD (like Bernie, in the movie “Weekend At Bernie’s”), and the FASCISTS (CORPORATISTS/GLOBALISTS) will still conspire to steal the “election” for her.
    If for no other reason, than to install her VP as the new President.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Hillary the “kankle beast” already seems to be Zombified/walking-dead.

    We’re all waiting for more parts to fall off, like she has Leprosy or something. First it was just her shoe at the curb….

  • Guido

    Personally, I believe there’s several versions of this woman. Whether the original one is alive or dead is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If the fascist oligarchy felt that they could continue to do business with a clone in the White House, they would do so. But do they feel this way? It seems to me that if they were really intent on winning, she or one of her versions would be pounding the pavement daily. And cancelling (“postponing”) the North Carolina appearance would not have been an option. NC is far too important to simply back out, particularly when your poll numbers are shrinking.

    I cannot help but to think they have something up their sleeve, seeing that they are taking this far too nonchalantly. Backing out of the debate is very plausible, but I have to think that it has more to do with the election itself. Is it even going to take place? Are they propagating conditions and circumstances so that the election does not take place? We could speculate on any number of excuses and scenarios that would cement this in stone, some of them too disturbing to contemplate.

    Here’s Hellary’s schedule right through October 23. Notice that she is only scheduled to speak at 3 of these appearances, not including the debate on the 26th. Essentially, the woman is in hibernation. Maybe they feel that parading her clones out too often will become obvious, so they fall back on Chelsea, Kaine, Warren and others to stand in.

    • Kak

      Interesting comments and thoughts.

      You may be right.
      And on the right path.

      I think the US Puppident (S)election will not take place.
      Hillary Clinton died thus no debate no (S)elections.

      But how to control the population else they may wake up?
      They will pretend to assassinate Hillary Clinton and falsely blame it on an ISIS slash Veitnam Vet slash Trump Supporter.

      No (S)elections, Globalists cannot risk it.

      • Guido

        Or they will blame it on a “racist” Trump supporter. They may as well add the icing on the cake seeing that they’ve already manipulated an increase in racial tensions a thousandfold, and are now regularly using their provocateurs in the inner cities to whip-up more tension and discord. The “white boogeyman” concept will be rolled out on the red carpet for the grand finale.

  • F16hoser

    David is a RETARD! He should quit drinking the Clinto/DNC koolaid.

  • MrCause

    “Hillary is in free fall. Everybody knows it. The campaign knows it”

    Someone for got to tell Yahoo Political News.

    The MSM, what a Joke.

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