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Illuminati Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOTM: Elle Fanning, Jonah Hill, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and a bunch of pics proving that the One-Eye sign is ruling the world. Yes, all of these pics only appeared in the last few weeks.

Elle Fanning and the other stars of the movie Neon Demon (which I’ll be writing about very soon) were featured in a photoshoot in V magazine. Shot by the occult elite’s favorite photographer Steven Klein, the photoshoot is all about making death and abuse fashionable. In this pic, magazine mentions that, Elle is wearing a dress by Maison Close. She is also holding a huge knife to the bottom of her mouth, threatening to kill herself. The eyelashes are by Dior.

Here, Elle is wearing a bra and briefs by Vex. She is also the victim of a murder, laying on the street next to garbage, with her feet chained up. Shoes by Christian Whatever.

As I often stated in previous SPTOMs, the fashion world loves to make corpses look glamorous. The handbag saying “Drop dead gorgeous” basically says it all.

Jonah Hill was featured in The Rake magazine to promote his latest movie. This picture was prominently featured to let you know that, if one wants to stay relevant in this industry, one has to show submission. Notice the grave look on his face. This is not a playful pic and he not “making funny faces”. This is dead serious.

Aidan Turner does the same exact sign in The Guardian.

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