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Illuminati NWO Luciferian Agenda Exposed

from Round SaturnsEye:

Featuring the voice of Pastor Cooley
(Old Paths Baptist Church, MN)
Youtube –…

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1 comment to Illuminati NWO Luciferian Agenda Exposed

  • anon

    “Illuminati NWO Luciferian Agenda Exposed”?

    1) “Illuminati” = Secret Society founded on May 1, 1776, by Jesuit-trained Adam Weishaupt, with Rothschild funding, to essentially HIJACK the organization of modern ‘speculative’ Freemasonry (founded 1717, in London) FROM THE TOP, for “Jew”-ish Rothschild interests.

    2) “NWO” = ‘New’ World Order. Research the ECONOMIC History of Western Europe, and the United States, or the SECRET History (you were never taught in school), and you will discover, that the ‘New’ World Order is actually the “Jew” World Order (since Dec. 23, 1913.) After assembling all the available facts ~ that conclusion is inescapable.

    3) “Luciferian” = Worship (by the “elites”) of ‘Lucifer’, the ‘Light-Bringer’ or Baphomet.

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