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Hump Day with Bix & “V” (09/14/2016)

from Rogue Money:

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19 comments to Hump Day with Bix & “V” (09/14/2016)

  • I take my coffee without Froot Loops, thanks.

    • Eric

      Rusticus, do you know about the Mandela effect? I believe it is now spelled “fruit” loops. Although I remember it differently.

      The moonraker clip was the one that tripped me out. It’s quite likely that different parallel dimensions have merged with this one.

      I’ve grown tired of the FROOT loops as well too.

      • I have, indeed, though “Froot Loops” is one I remember as a kid, as the commercials and box art always included two cartoon cereal bits as the “oo’s”, respectively… nevertheless, I questioned my own sanity as I typed that comment earlier! 😛

        But who knows in the wacky world of the Mandela Effect? Its personal subjectivity is one of the things that makes it fascinating.

        The “BerenstEIN” vs “BerenstAIN” still throws me for a (froot) loop, though. Same with the Mr. Rogers theme song being, “a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” vs. “THIS neighborhood.” The latter of both examples don’t even sound right.

        • I go back and forth between this being the result of a dimensional rift (either organic or synthetic) or simply a vast program to alter bits and pieces of digital information as some sort of conditioning/beta test.

          Or even some combination of the two, with a “Create Our Own Collective Reality”/solypsism angle, whereby some sort of weird “psychic consensus” is formed and sense-perception modified accordingly…

          It’s a lot to think about, for sure.

        • Eric

          I agree. I also recall something about Mandela dying in the 80’s but was probably too young to even really know who he was. But I have the same recollection as you do as far as the BerenstAIN bears and the Mr. Rogers theme song.

          I was listening to a recent interview of Jordan Maxwell and Jay Weidner and he brought up the Moonraker clip with the girl in braces who strangely no longer has braces. Which quite frankly doesn’t make the scene make any sense any longer.

          I must have seen that movie at least 100 times just as a kid, and I vividly remember her having braces on her teeth. I might have an old VHS copy of it taped off ABC Saturday night movies from about the late 80’s. I am going to look for it soon.

          I read about the mandela effect a while back and then forgot about it. But lately, I have been questioning the nature of reality a lot more again lately.

          I just need to bury my treasure, make the map, and then I’ll be ready to be off this planet! 😉

          • Eric

            Reminds me of this star trek episode…

            • For all the Next Generation hate out there, it sure was willing to explore some high-minded scientific theories. The “Mandela Effect” certainly plays into a quantum mechanist’s view of the Universe.

              Do you remember the “John Titor” posts from the turn of the Millennium? More fuel for the Mandela Effect fire, to my untrained eye at least.

              I don’t think I’ve ever seen the “alternate timeline” version of the Bond film (or this timeline for that matter), but the titular Mandela death is one I, too, have vague recollections of. Finding out that the Lindbergh Baby mystery was SOLVED messed with my head, too, as growing up I remember watching a History Channel documentary on it being one of the most infamous “Cold Cases” of our time.

              The strange thing is, Seth McFarlane (creator of Family Guy) must also remember the Lindbergh Baby story as I do, as there was even a joke about it:


              There’s a few jokes throughout that show referencing “Mandela Effects” that simply don’t match up in this “timeline,” whatever you wanna call it.

              • Eric

                Personally, although I have no evidence and cannot say who was doing it or why, I think Next Generation was leaking a lot of scientific and technological information that has been hidden out to the public. Chris Carter and Christopher Nolan have been doing this a lot also. Between the Lone Gunmen predicting 9/11, the recent first episode of X-Files, Inception and Interstellar I’m pretty sure they’re both on our side.

                I’ll look up the Lindbergh baby mystery. Haven’t heard of that one yet.

                I’ve been meaning to go back through the Titor material. To be honest, I’ve always had a difficult time remembering many of these things which is why I like books, writing things down, bookmarking pages, and keeping everything organized so I can find it when it jolts a memory. Keeping track of all this shiii…stuff/information is not something I excel at and often causes an overload of my personal CPU. The plus side to that is it allows me to stay creative in the now, and not dwell on something in the past. Not to worry though. Beer often solves this dilemma. It also gives me a cerebral high, gets me thinking. I have some of the clearest revelations and breakthroughs in thought ever after a 2-3 beers. I think it’s the bubbles going to the brain. Probably calcifies my pineal gland pretty good though.

                Speaking of which…time to crack a cold one. 🙂

                • The disclosuristas are an interesting bunch… like the tagline of the show, “I WANT TO BELIEVE” about sums it up. Can I, though?

                  Maybe I should join your carbonated bliss and see if that helps? In fact, this one’s to you, Eric XD

                • AgShaman

                  Try holding in a healthy bong rip….then taking a good gulp of an IPA

                  Exhale, then the outsiders will be your guide

  • KRELL427

    Eric,Rusticus, just my perspective. Not saying the Mandela effect does not exist but being an audio and videophile for the last 20 years this is what I have noticed. I have about 2500 movies on laserdisc,DVD,and blu-ray. Gave away my VHS collection years ago because at about 230 lines of resolution it is like watching a cartoon on today’s equipment. Every time a new format came out with higher resolution I would have to rewatch all my favorite movies because the increase in detail made the movie that much more enjoyable.With todays resolution some movies almost look fake because you can see how hoaky the the sets and costumes were with the older movies that were made before special effects computer software was introduced.An example of this is the first star wars movie that George Lucas will not put out in HD,probably because you would see strings holding up props.So I’m just saying we are seeing extreme detail with today’s stuff that would have not even been noticed 20 years ago. Here is a star wars link,George won’t say why the movie will not be restored.

    • Star Wars in particular is just such a tough one, Krell, as Lucas has a habit of actually going back and altering those films heavily. Comparing the original release to the 80s VHS, the Japanese LaserDisc, the 1997 “Remaster,” the second DVD “Remaster” of the mid-2000s and most recently the Blu-Ray box set, all of them have altered/deleted/added scenes which, as you note, aren’t “Mandela Effects,” just Lucas slowly ruining his own creations 😛

      That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot of truth in what you mention, as there are plenty of people claiming to have “Mandela Effects” over just such things.

      On a slightly off-topic note, there’s a video editor named Harmy who’s combined the HD releases of Episodes IV-VI with upscaled scenes the Japanese LaserDisc, stitching together what he calls the “Despecialized Edition.” The closest thing to the original, unedited Trilogy we’ll ever get in HD. As a Star Wars fan you might enjoy tracking it down!

      Han shoots first and everything 😉

      • KRELL427

        Hadn’t heard of that version,more of a Good,the bad and the ugly fan,but you are right there are so many versions of each movie it adds to the illusion. You never know what you will learn in the SGTreport comment section.😀

        • Eric

          Krell, I have a good buddy I’ve known for many years who like you has invested heavily in blue-rays, dvds, and going to the movies. Like an entire wall full.

          Unfortunately, unlike you, he doesn’t know very much unless it is related to star wars, harry potter, superman, and hollywood in general. I couldn’t even get him to invest in some bankster kryptonite. And unfortunately according to him, Hillary is the “only one qualified for the job.” It gets worse from there. Needless to say, I can’t even talk to him any more. Like most of the people I have met in my life, I have to keep it to very short doses.

          I am very thankful for the people here who speak the same language as I do. Just in case you haven’t seen it, one of my favorite Gold movies. Jon Lovitz is always hilarious…

        • Krell, the Dollars trilogy as a whole is pure gold (pun intended)! While The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is the fan favorite and probably the best film of the bunch, I’ve always had a soft spot for Fistful of Dollars.

          Have you seen Yojimbo, by chance? It’s a Japanese samurai flick by the legendary director Akira Kurosawa. Fistful of Dollars is effectively an American remake of Yojimbo, and watching it as a fan of the “Dollars” trilogy is like getting a bonus movie set in an alternative universe (and we come full circle to the Mandela Effect haha).

          There’s a scene in Yojimbo where “Nameless” hacks off the arms of some Ronin thug, which was shot-for-shot re-created in the original Star Wars when Ben Kenobi cuts off the hands of that hairy alien thing at the Mos Eisley bar. Lucas really liked Kurosawa – and it seems even Star Wars gets a return.

          I, like yourself, love old movies 😀

          • KRELL427

            I have held it in my hands because it was in the criterion collection laser disc, but I don’t think I have seen it. When laser disc was becoming obsolete I bought a a stores remaining inventory for a few dollars each. I was once told that the format was aimed at 3% of the population and a lot of great titles were released. I have collected 3 high end players so I will be able to watch my collection. Laser disc have a very good uncompressed sound,I remember when I finally got the rock n roll circus by the stones and rattle and hum by U2 in ac3- rf

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