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Hillary Clinton appears not to be long for this life and will soon receive the eternal justice she deserves. Credit to theJonathanKleck YT channel for inspiring the Cicero quote: A Murderer is LESS to be Feared

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  • willygroper

    Great passage & commentary Sean!

    When I think of all the parents grieving for their lost loved ones because of this woman’s psychopathy, flawed as I am, a dollop of schadenfreude is in order.

    And on what a fitting date!

  • matt

    I’m not one for wishing ill on people but I have to say I have faith there is a God when I see this..The universe doesn’t want this woman to have the ‘power’ she seeks obviously.She made the deal with the devil…You play…you pay

    Good bye and good riddance

  • Joe

    Get ready folks, Elections cancelled in 3- 2 – 1. It is coming down. Hope you have your preps and a group ready to go. I believe by the end of October we will have straight out chaos. Stand firm and stick with the rule book of the Bible and the Constitution. Good Luck everyone. May God please bless the FUSA and those who remember it.

    • Ed_B


      IMO, there is no need whatever for canceling the elections of Nov. 2016. In fact, is there ANY legal precedent or law that says anyone in the US has the power to do that? I don’t know of any such laws but would be happy to learn about them if there were.

      If for any reason, those running for the office of the president cannot take office after the election and the sitting president is finishing his 2nd term, the Speaker of the House is made president until new elections can be held. In no case that I know of does the incumbent president get an extended term due to such problems.

      Even in the case of FDR and his nearly 4-terms in office, the US Congress had to create and pass legislation for the president to sign into law to cover that situation. Somehow, I can’t see the current congress cooperating with Obama to that extent.

  • Lance

    Nicely summarized and stated. Great work!

  • KRELL427

    Its about time her lies are killing her, up until now her lies have been killing a lot of innocent people.

  • Markus

    Sean I think your site us under attack. I have not been able to get through this video or the one posted by Stephan Molyneux.

  • NIX

    Great and powerfull ending words.

  • Steve_D

    It’s like Mr Rothschild cut the puppets strings.

    • Ed_B


      Yep. Fortunately, there is a never-ending group of puppets out there who are ready, willing, and able to sell themselves into slavery as long as they get to pretend that they are in charge for a while. :-/

  • Guido

    Well-done and well-said. The irony here is just too much, including the little wiggle she did as she attempted to advance toward the van. I remember watching a particular video on the collapse (controlled demolition) of the towers. They actually did a little wiggle before they went down, I would imagine as the charges were detonating and the support structures were weakening. Again, the irony is too much here. It couldn’t be any more apropos. Hellery will forever be tied to 911 just by this incident alone. We could refer to her demise on that fateful day as her 911 WIGGLE.

    On a side note, I’m reading that the DNC is holding an emergency meeting to discuss a possible replacement for Hellery. The article comes by way of Paul Joseph Watson, so take it with a grain of salt at this point until more info emerges. Here’s the article:

    • Ed_B

      The problem with Hellery is that she is just about out of “wiggle room”. The Grim Reaper is just about to take possession of the soul that she pawned for a little short-term political power. He will then deliver it to the infernal realm, where it is slated to end up.

  • windrunner58

    The stage is set. Up here in Canada we look on with ghastly anticipation. As outsiders we wonder what it will take for our neighbours to FINALLY rise up. Yes the Alt media and the “Alt Right” are up in arms, but words…..words.

    It is my opinion that once Homeland Security stated they will “take charge” of the election, that was the time it was decided by the DNC that Hillary will not make it. So it will be time for total chaos and Obomber will stay, Homeland Security will “take charge” alright. Trump won’t get the chance to govern. Martial Law and total chaos will ensue. Walmart signs will be taken down, FEMA signs will be put up. For you own safety of course. Oh yeah and there is this little thing that is budding at the same time. That Financial Armageddon or end of “Shemitah” they keep talking about.

    Next 3 months will write history. Time to rise up Patriots. God Speed to my neighbours. And as usual – Sean is bang on.

    • Carlos

      Silly you. Outsiders? CANADA CORPORATION IS A REGISTERED UNITED STATES CORPORATION(aka District of Columbia) so it is within the UNITED STATES.

      • pippi

        Right Carlos. Windrunner58 should read the deal signed by Peter McKay, Feb 14, 2008 in Texas (I believe). Unreported in the Canadian Press. For some reason I cannot find it now on the net. Any major event including a terrorist attack, epidemic, civil unrest, natural disaster in either the US or Canada will trigger the integrated perimeter agreement under the command of the US.

        • pippi

          Updated agreement:
          Many others have been signed since involving deeper integration. Canada has adopted parallel rules to the DHS FIRSTNET which require, amongst other things, an EOC (Emergency Operating Center), in each new Firehall, inaccessible to the general public. Think FUSION Center. There is an aggressive push in many communities to accept new firehalls, needed or not.

  • Kakistocracy

    I think SHE died yesterday (9/11).
    She is already dead folks.

    GOD has taken her out.
    Anyone else we see now will be a parasite-double (body-double).

  • Lmo

    Its all axing. Staged right before your eyes. wake the flock up man.

    • rl

      Yes it is all acting, one big sick show from the degenerate psychos in charge at every level piped right into you living room. Gamed by the queen of sleeze for zog white genocide and death for dollar merchants. All nicely laid out for the rest of the goyim in this play pen who prop up the misdirection and blame shifting game as if they are on the righ rack rather than stuck in cog dis land. Easy peasy as they keeps the sheckles coming in and the truth tard con rolling along right on down the track.

  • Larry from Montreal

    What I would like to know is why they didn’t yank her long ago and put in Sanders. It looks to me like they wanted her vice-pres to get the office and hoped they could keep her going till the elections. Perhaps the elections will be canceled and the resident faggot will try to remain in office.

  • Kakistocracy


    Please listen.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton DIED YESTERDAY.

    What you are watching now is a PARASITE-Double (BODY-DOUBLE).

    Again let me say:


    • Carlos

      Yes that is an alternative narrative. I have heard another for a couple of years that goes like this. Hitlery got wacked in the white house a couple years back and the doubles (6 different to date) are paraded around for the theatrical performances. A close look at the doubles and it becomes laughable to the keen observer. There are plenty of video’s on Youtube making a mockery of this theater. All the narratives end with Obomber staying on to finish the job. Wakey Wakey is right.

      • Kakistocracy

        Both are plausible.
        In fact, it is MORE likely that Hillary DIED A LONG LONG TIME AGO, as you indicated.

        We are only noticing this now.

        Can you imagine a President named KAINE ?

        That has been the plan ALL ALONG.
        They knew Hillary might not make it, thus KAINE (CAIN vs ABEL).

  • d

    Interesting that her husband bill has not said a word regarding his wife…..imho

  • Kakistocracy

    Hillary Died Yesterday.

    You are now watching Parasite-Doubles (Body Double).

    Hillary is dead, gone.
    Watch the movie “DAVE” and Weekend at Bernies.
    These psychopaths actually do these kinds of things.
    Elections will be suspended.
    Martial Law.

  • tomche


    Not fast enough for this viewer.

  • Kakistocracy


    Awesome !

  • Kakistocracy

    I see.
    So she just wanted to POWER THRU IT ?
    Is that it ?
    I have often heard of this powering thru things.
    Perhaps she thought she as a woman could power thru that illness.
    That is what women do all day.
    I think I see now Eric thanks.

    She tried to power thru it all ?
    Power thru the neurological disease and seizures and short-circuited brain.
    You know what ?
    If she is not dead (I think she died long ago now), then she should be.
    Because the Billionaire donors will want their money’s worth.
    But she croaked !
    Ha !
    Even the Clinton Foundation was a fraud to its own Billionaire Donors!
    HA HA HA

    Also: She is dead. Died long ago. Body doubles are running the joint now via Rothschild.

  • Jacobson

    So what’s next ?
    Is Muhammad Hussein Osama going to prolong his administration ?

  • d

    Now bill will fill in for hill to grab the $$$$$…from her donors….may they BOTH rest in peace…as we will if they will….imho

  • Millicent

    It is reaching the point where Hillary has to choose if she believes so deeply in her mission that she will die for it if she continues on. These types of people are not the altruistic hero types… they have gotten to where they are by using others. My bet is that she drops out.

  • Larry from Montreal

    I wonder if slick Willy is powering through too. He looks in pretty bad shape.

    Those news readers obey whoever writes their lines I see. Not much originality.

    It’s amazing how many examples of all of them repeating the same thing you can find on the web.

  • tomche

    EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is meant to distract us all from what is really taking place:

    The unabated, uninterrupted looting of the country.

    Everything else is a smoke screen. a distraction to prevent you from seeing the truth.

    The (former USA) is being hollowed out from the inside. Those that are doing the hollowing don’t want to be identified or disturbed, so please…keep quiet! Let them rape, pillage and otherwise transfer all the wealth of this once great nation elsewhere, far out of your reach…where you will never, ever again find it.

  • Kakistocracy

    HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON died some time ago.

    You are all watching BODY-DOUBLES.
    Several of them.

    This is MOVIE stage that you are watching.
    With actors and directors and executive producer: Rothschild.



    Also, listen to HER MOANS and CRIES in the video.
    Right at the beginning you can hear her crying softly.
    At the end when she falls and probably damaged her knees and legs badlly, she lets out a very loud moan of pain.

    9/11, Moon Landings, Vaccines, GMOs, Terrorism, Mass Shootings

  • Kakistocracy

    I would not in the least bit be surprised if “THEY” have already had to bring back Hillary from death several times already.

    This is highly probable scenario given the state of technology that “THEY” have access to.

    In fact, Hillary may be the first public person to have died several times and then come back to life again, literally.

    Anyways, bottom line: SHe is finished and many have committed TREASON against America.

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