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Hillary’s Broken Trust Is a Media Catastrophe

from The Daily Bell:

What Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is really about, explained with a cartoon … It’s a constant source of news coverage, particularly in conservative outlets, where it’s turned into vessel for a larger message: that Clinton can’t be trusted. -Vox

Vox has written an article that minimizes suspicion about Hillary Clinton’s larger transgressions regarding her “email scandal” while attempting to focus on the “real” issues surrounding them.

Here’s how Vox puts it:

Republicans have insisted Clinton [kept State-Dept. related emails on her own server] to avoid having her emails released, or subject to the Freedom of Information Act. In other words, the accusation is that she did it so the public couldn’t see her communication.

This goes to motive, which means it’s difficult to prove either way, and anyone who claims otherwise is speculating. But the idea that she is actively trying to hide her communication feeds into a more absurd accusation that we should dismiss: that Clinton tried to delete emails from her server during the House’s Benghazi investigation.

It’s hard to credit this last statement given reports of eight-to-12 Hillary Blackberry phones being destroyed with hammers, but this is the case Vox is making. Obviously Hillary is not shy about deleting personal or professional information.

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