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Hillary Loses?

from The Daily Bell:

A record number of Americans now dislike Hillary … Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took aim at the “alt-right” movement that she said is taking over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign. Hillary Clinton hit her stride after the Democratic National Convention, riding to a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in some national and swing-state polls — her highest of the year. As of today, though, Americans’ views of her just hit a record low. –Washington Post

Hillary is leading Donald Trump but a majority of US citizens dislike her according to the Washington Post. Not distrust her, mind you, but actively dislike her.

We don’t believe her positive polls, given this dislike. But even if we did, there is certainly a chance, perhaps a good one that Hillary could lose. Ordinarily, we present the idea that Hillary may win because she is so obviously the candidate of the technocratic elite. But this may be a kind of ruse.

In fact, she may lose as part of a larger elite plan to raise up “populism” – and those who represent it – before creating endless, deeper economic dysfunction that will then allow globalism to be proposed as a solution.

Please note: Before we go farther, we wish to state that we have no ill-will regarding Donald Trump and he is certainly seems to be a better choice than Hillary for president. In fact, we’ve written numerous critical articles about her (examples here and here). But our job is to provide viewers and readers with elite analysis – critiques of elite propaganda and the dominant social themes – memes – they create and circulate. This article is presented in that context.

Certainly, the Hillary versus Trump presidential election is cast in ever-starker terms, and it is inarguable that these terms have elite-initiated connotations. Here’s an excerpt from an initial article we did on “populism versus globalism,” which others have picked up on and which is an obvious elite meme.

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