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Hillary is NOT Sick – Move Along, Nothing to See Here

from HighImpactFlix:

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4 comments to Hillary is NOT Sick – Move Along, Nothing to See Here

  • CalSailX

    Let me see… Opps never mind!

    You animal the very idea that you might question her fitness to be President as a man.
    Pardon Me that is called “Equality”… Gasp you can’t call it that! Oh right I forgot she has a vagina… let me bow and beg forgiveness!

  • AgShaman

    WTF? I hope I’m not paying for that pretty blue jet she’s flying around in [email protected] cough-drops like Unicorns **** skittles.


    Somebody help me name this flying lemon called Hillary

  • Sam

    Even more astonishing than her sickening coughing jags is the fact that Shillery couldn’t pay enough people to fill the little park she was last gagging at in Cleveland. She had about the same number people that wait in bathroom lines during a baseball game, PATHETIC when you compare that Trump overflows baseball stadiums by the thousands.

    Bottom Line: no one in their right mind would wish upon themselves, a physically and mentally sick globalist criminal serial liar for a president, even if she paid them.

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