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Hillary Is Either a Liar Or She’s Grossly Incompetent: “There Is No Other Interpretation Possible”

by Karl Denninger, via SHTF Plan:

You have got to be kidding me.

The FBI released it’s (heavily-redacted) report yesterday on Hillary’s email server and their investigation. Let me just point out a few things; you can read the whole shebang if you wish (I did); agent notes are usually quite dry, and this was no exception.

Incidentally, if you ever talk or work with these guys this is the sort of “memorialization” to expect them to take; it looks right up the middle of the line in that regard, so leave the conspiracy theories at home.

First, we’re supposed to believe that Hillary required no fewer than eight mobile devices during her tenure as Secretary of State. I don’t know what sort of garbage that is, but they were all BlackBerries, and I will note for the record that BlackBerry makes one of the more-solid pieces of hardware out there when it comes to mobile technology. I still have two Z10s — one of which I keep in my car as an emergency backup phone — that work fine; I had one that blew up due to a manufacturing defect out of warranty (heat sink paste improperly applied) and a second that my kid legitimately got salty water into and shorted it out. My kid, who is far rougher than I am on mobile devices, has had two phones in the last four years, one of which (a Z30) she’s still using. Hillary was SoS for four years and during this time we’re supposed to believe that she destroyed a phone on an average of once every six months.

I make extremely heavy use of my mobile devices and I’ve yet to have one fail in under 2 years. In addition the BlackBerry series that Hillary was using has replaceable batteries, which is the most-common failure (the battery gets weak and thus the runtime gets too short for your preference.) It defies credibility to believe that she had eight sequentially defective units during a four year period, or that she managed to wear them out.

The far more-likely reason that none were recovered is that she lost them; that is, she’s basically incompetent when it comes to handling sensitive information or the devices on which it is stored. If you can’t manage to keep a mobile device in your possession without trashing it over a period of more than six months what sort of qualification do you claim to have to be President of the Untied States?

Second, the record is rife with her repeated claims that she did not understand how to identify and properly classify material as classified. She claimed she did not know what section-markings were when showed to her in the margin and speculated that they denoted alphabetical order.

Not only does she claim to have been ignorant of these procedures she also claimed not to remember having been read in or out of the SAP programs from which material was found on her server — classified programs that are “special access”, are used for information that would lead to immediate and grave harm to the United States (and/or our personnel) if disclosed and which are strict “need to know” in nature. These are programs that are so secret in their nature and have such severe consequences if disclosure occurs that even disclosing their name is forbidden.

All of these claims mean that Hillary either lied or was and is today grossly and outrageously incompetent to hold her position, since The State Department is the origin of a great deal of classified information in the first instance and in fact it is a formal, designated-by-law part of the Secretary of State’s position to both originate and designate same. Even worse, every single day the Secretary of State’s job begins with a classified intelligence briefing!

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