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Hillary “Hires Psychologists To Undermine Trump”… Just As CIA Does In Assessing Egos of Foreign Adversaries

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Hillary Clinton is preparing for the presidential debates in a unique way.

She isn’t focusing on policy, talking points, or on warming up her notoriously cold and unapproachable personality in order to connect with voters and foster ‘trust.’

No, she is preparing to attack Trump’s personality. These debates are about to become a battle of egos at the psychological warfare level.

That much is no surprise, but she is taking things pretty far.

Advisors have been feeding Hillary experts in psychology hired to assess Donald Trump’s personality, pick out his inner fears and weak points, and brain storm about the possibilities of exploiting any mistakes he might make.

As Business Insider reports:

The New York Times reported in August that Hillary Clinton’s campaign brought in psychology experts to help her prepare to debate Donald Trump. Which is weird, because that’s not really what psychologists do.

Here is the relevant part of the Times’ article (emphasis mine):

Hillary Clinton’s advisers are … seeking insights about Mr. Trump’s deepest insecurities as they devise strategies to needle and undermine him … at the first presidential debate … Her team is also getting advice from psychology experts to help create a personality profile of Mr. Trump to gauge how he may respond to attacks and deal with a woman as his sole adversary on the debate stage. They are undertaking a forensic-style analysis of Mr. Trump’s performances in the Republican primary debates, cataloging strengths and weaknesses as well as trigger points that caused him to lash out in less-than-presidential ways.

Of course, so far, all that anyone has agreed upon is that he is a narcissist with a dangerously inflated ego. But so are most of the people on stage in politics. That alone won’t stop Trump, and it won’t fix Hillary’s “problem.”

If you have somebody who’s narcissistic you want to threaten their ego,” he said. “But I guess you and my grandmother probably knew that, right? You find out what they’re insecure about and you hound them on that. You go for the person’s weakness.

That’s old hat, as this HuffPo article makes clear:

After all, nothing slowed the attacks of Trump in the GOP debates. Not one of the 16 candidates who made it to the stage could even stun or debilitate the billionaire reality TV candidate, let alone stop him. Establishment favorite Jeb! Bush was crushed like an insect…

But at the same time, the people quoted in the article are acting as if psychology can offer up no tangible results, as it is perhaps to vague or generalized to be used practically.

But this is deceptive… and dangerously simple-minded. As the Business Insider notes:

Psychology has long been interested in the nature and structure of personality. But as for studies of “trigger points,” strategies for needling and undermining people, or systems for predicting how a man with a misogynist past might betray his true feelings in the future — there isn’t much to be found.

Another researcher, Scott Lilienfeld, who studies and teaches the psychology of personality at Emory, told Business Insider he also could not point to any particular advice psychologists could offer Clinton in taking on Trump — beyond what he called “the obvious thing.”

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2 comments to Hillary “Hires Psychologists To Undermine Trump”… Just As CIA Does In Assessing Egos of Foreign Adversaries

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    They’re gonna need an entire team to cover the size of Donald’s ego. it’s YUGE!

    But to examine Hillary’s integrity & honor they’ll need a microscope.

    As for Obama? A horse-barn-stable shovel will be needed.

  • anon

    Donald Trump IS a foreign adversary since the U.S. government is controlled by the lackeys of a foreign entity (Pilgrims Society, “Committee of 300”, CROWN Corporation, W.I.C.B. (Western International Central Bankers, like Rothschilds as ONE example among MANY ~ ALL out of the ‘City’ of London.

    Q: Who is the “Father of Psychoanalysis”? A: Sigmund Freud.

    Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness – Documentary (57 mins., 34 sec.)

    Americans, So Easily Controlled!

    Read all the comments. Follow the links.

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