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Hillary Deflates? A Setback For War

from The Daily Bell:

Yeah, Hillary Has Pneumonia, But Trump Is Still A Deranged Threat To America … Modern medicine can remedy one of these ailments more thoroughly than the other.  -Huffington Post

As libertarian (former) Congressman Ron Paul pointed out recently (here), the “deep state” elects whom it wants and it seems to have wanted Hillary Clinton.

And even after Hillary’s most recent collapse, articles are appearing in the mainstream media (see above excerpt) pointing out that Hillary is better than the alternative.

This is no coincidence. The mainstream media is owned by a relatively few people and they are surely supported by others,  hidden influencers for the so-called deep state. And it is this deep state that requires, if possible, the services of Hillary Clinton.

The question is why?

One theory (our current theory) is that a big war is evidently being planned at the highest levels. And Hillary is seen as the best individual for numerous reasons to prosecute this war.

We have been taught in our academies and universities that wars are fairly spontaneous eruptions, unplanned in other words, because no one wants war.

But this Internet era has shown us otherwise. Neither world war in the 20th century was the result of unforeseen events. These two wars along with numerous others in the 19th, 20th and 21st century seem to have been laboriously planned. We call their production “directed history,” in fact.

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