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Hillary Clinton Coughing for Four Minutes Straight in Ohio on Labor Day Trying to Give Speech

from Mark Dice:

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19 comments to Hillary Clinton Coughing for Four Minutes Straight in Ohio on Labor Day Trying to Give Speech

  • tomche

    Too bad the coughing didn’t lead to asphyxiation…but I continue to hope and pray.

  • Guido

    Today’s incident is going viral on YouTube. Many different postings of her episode. Let’s see if they start removing them to cover for her. It’s all coming out in the open now as there’s only so much damage control they can do.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Just bc you’re coughing uncontrollably does not mean that you’re dying. Umm, she could be losing her voice bc she is doing a lot of speeches bc she’s campaigning, duh. Also uncontrollable cough could be bronchitis which is pretty common. Just to jump to the conclusion that Hillary is dying is just being hopeful at best, lol.

    • KRELL427

      Just bc is always shown as a gold coin, does not mean is has any value. That’s being a lot more delusional at best.

    • tomche

      Matrix, I am not implying or trying to imply that she is dying. Rather, I am hoping and praying the she does, in fact die.
      And I find it hilarious that you surmise that her coughing fits might be due to “a lot of campaign speeches”. Hahahahaaaaa…where have you been? The witch has been unable to speak fully without coughing for almost a year – indeed she has has not given an interview in almost 290 days. This is unprecedented in a presidential race.
      So, to be clear, I am not trying to jump to any conclusions that the witch is dying. However, I can still dream and pray.

    • Guido

      She’s had this condition for nearly a year. This is not normal, on top of her other issues. Do you see singers behaving this way? What about all the stress they put on their voices?

  • delllat

    I usually don’t watch M.D. BUT……This was one of his greatest!!!
    The commentary with the drinking water…cough drops..etc was HILARIOUS!!
    I had to replay it and watch it a couple of times.

  • windrunner58

    Personally I think she has a build up of Rothschild sperm in the back of her throat. Hopefully she can “swallow” it before the debates. Reptilian she devil!!!

  • Millicent

    She do doubt has some physical problems but my guess is that it is mainly psychological, caused by the continual need to lie and be deceptive. The stress of that is what triggers off the coughing. No amount of drugs can mask the true nature of a person…

  • Nick

    Cleveland is an obvious choice for a Hillary speech because that’s where Cleveland Clinic is.

  • Millicent

    Hillary is trying but she is obviously stumbling…

  • videoctr

    MUST WATCH VIDEO Here is a video from a doctor who has put together a compelling video discussing his observations of Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease symptom manifestations. Very striking evidence are outlined in a point by point explanation with video examples. The doctor has 35 years of experience, and his observations should be carefully considered.

    You can begin to see the media, and the DNC have been covering up her serious condition. The CIA told Joe Biggs, Infowars reporter, she has Parkinson’s Disease as well.

    Hillary is medically, morally, and spiritually unfit to be president, she is a liar who has lied under oath, pay-for-play criminal, has committed treason by violations of SAP level secrets, destroyed evidence of emails. What more must it take to remove her from the scene? Others have been put away for years for committing much less.

  • Benjamin

    What are the things she is taking that are wrapped like cough drops ???
    That would be of interest .
    What if those things , whatever they are , are in fact also ending her life by stealth , by those who she trusts to handle her .
    . Maybe for the purpose of protecting all those she has shit on , before she is taken down for her crimes .
    Maybe they are just squeezing and squeezing her to get the most juice they can to try win this seemingly unsinkable election , so she can then be taken out or die from “natural causes”. Enabling a Vice President to take over ??

    Is that what would happen in the US if a new president were to die soon after wining the position ?
    Anything to beat trump !
    It seems fortunately for the world she seems to be their only hope !
    Unless trump is a Trojan horse, of course , a horse is a horse, unless of course .

    Exciting times .
    Who needs Hollywood films .

    Easy to forget people are being murdered and massive crimes committed , and just how real this situation and all its consequences for those involved is. People like Julian Assange and what he is living through in order to reveal some truth and bring about accountability .

    The world seems and feels to be at a breaking point .
    It always does . But always seems to take it up a level or two .

    What’s next for us all ???

  • Steelerdude

    I do love her opening comment “We asked, ‘where can we go? Oh, lets go to Cleveland!'”

    Really? Is that the best you can do Hillary? LOL …..sorry Cleveland, no pun intended…

    Then she coughs her brains out in this video….geezus!

  • Matt

    It’s the devil.he is choking her very slowly.she did a deal with and now it’s time to pay up. Nice and slowly.

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