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from Mark Dice:

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  • Guido

    The disgusting old crone looks intoxicated to me. I saw the video from another angle as well, and I honestly believe she was hittin’ the bottle. There’s nothing worse than when an arrogant drunk thinks they can be convincing by trying to look sober. This one is past the point of no return in every way.

    • Ed_B

      That may or may not be due to alcohol consumption. We can only guess at the cocktail of drugs she may now be taking for whatever illness(s) she apparently has. Some of them do not play well with others and can cause side effects that are similar to intoxication. DUI doesn’t always mean drunk driving. Not that I discount the possibility that she is hitting the bottle too.

    • Guido

      Eric, I am in firm agreement that there have been multiple versions running around for a very long time, and STILL ARE. I’m not necessarily endorsing all of the specifics spelled out in the article (as plausible as they are), just the general premise.

      I often have this discussion with a select few, but this sort of stuff simply isn’t accepted by the mainstream and much of the alt-media. I was just discussing with someone today how it may very well be that all the usual clones that they role out are ill in some way, or show signs of alcohol and/or drug abuse. Could it have something to do with the DNA? In the meantime, most will buy the single Hillary meme, never giving much thought as to the various discrepancies that we see each time they role her out.

  • Millicent

    These schemes never work very well…

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