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Hillary Campaign Rocked by Scandal & Terrorism, as New Media Continues its Onslaught!

Terror in the Homeland

from The Wealth Watchman:

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Hillary Clinton! Just days after trying to shake the video of her having a seizure and collapsing into her van, a whole litany of new scandals and events are rocking her campaign to its core.

We’ll go over several of those events in the update today, but first things first. I want to cover the topic that’s been dominating news stations, but from a very different angle: specifically on how millions are being “red-pilled” about the mainstream media’s true nature, as we speak.

MSM: An Orwellian Mouthpiece

Our readers here know that the entire mainstream media apparatus is owned by a handful of corporations, who are all in bed with globalism and international zionism. You must remember though, that most “normies” haven’t arrived there yet.  They haven’t had that initial “red-pilling” moment, that shakes alot of their day-to-day world assumptions, to their very core.

One of the brilliant side effects of the Trump campaign(like the Ron Paul campaign before it), has been the awakening of many more people to the fact that the media isn’t really a media. If we truly had a “free and open media”, I would defend it with my life.  The MSM, however, does not exist to report news:

The MSM exists to create narratives.

The MSM exists to reinforce false, prevailing biases.

The MSM exists as gatekeepers against “dangerous” thoughts for society at large.

Plain and simple.

Those who own the media use it as a weapon to mold, cultivate, and give life support, to false ideologies and assumptions. They use it to create perceptions in the populace, so that they can construct alternate realities, while the people are deluded with those perceptions.

“Uh, ok Watchman, but what alternate realities are you talking about?”

Good question!  Let’s start with this!


CNN’s Jake Tapper Edits out Hillary Clinton’s ‘Bombings’ Remark

This was a detestable, flagrant double standard, and the very definition of MSM bias used to shape perception, rather than present the news.  Hillary pontificating about “fear-mongering attitudes”, while using the very same word to describe the Islamic terror attacks that Trump did(with the media covering her back the entire time), left millions of people breathless.

Brothers, it was truly surreal after Ahmad Ramadi carried out those multiple bombings, and Dahir Adan went on a stabbing spree.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t shocking sadly that those things happened: when you let in millions of Muslims and have an ‘open borders’ policy, those things will become normal life.

No, what was shocking was how the MSM literally went into convulsions, twisting and turning in every which way, to keep from calling them terror attacks or terrorism.  Take a look at this headline, and you’ll see what I mean.

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32 comments to Hillary Campaign Rocked by Scandal & Terrorism, as New Media Continues its Onslaught!

  • No one cares.

    Start your own website, put in thousands of your own dollars and man hours, and you can tell it whatever way you like!


  • Guido

    There’s reason to suspect that the NYC incident could have been a false-flag of some sort. In fact, as amateur investigators, the very first thing we should ask in the minutes, hours and days following ANY attack is whether there is anything that cries false-flag. In the case of the Manhattan bombing, Dahboo7 uncovered a link to Tom Clancy’s newest video game, “The Division” (see link below). The bombing occurred in the EXACT spot as a bombing that occurs in that video game. We’ve seen ironic connections to movies and video games following past acts of terror or mass shootings, so add this one to the list. Furthermore, Infowars (surprisingly) released an article today linking the accused NY/NJ bomber to famous CIA-asset and terrorist handler, Anwar al-Awlaki, the man who dined at the Pentagon following the 911 attacks, and who directly inspired other false-flag terror attacks on US soil in the years that followed (see link below).

    Regarding terror attacks on US soil, it cannot be denied that elements within the federal government are working with elements within state and local governments throughout our country to orchestrate false-flags, which could either be actual attacks involving actual terrorists that are ALLOWED to take place, staged attacks perpetuated by officials or private black-ops, i.e. Operation Gladio, or completely fabricated hoaxes. But we cannot discount that a person or group acting completely independent of a government agency or private black-ops can also be responsible.

    Whatever or whoever is behind any terror attack, WW is correct in asserting that unbridled immigration from Muslim nations is a major concern going forward. This can ONLY result in destabilization and chaos in the long term, as actual acts of terror (not false-flags) become more common place. Either way, the finger points at “our” government in Washington DC for setting the stage. People are beginning to understand this in a big way, and YES, the Establishment and their media propagandists are panicking. The demon herself, Hillary Clinton, admitted some years back that we were in the midst of an “information war”, and that they (the Establishment) were “losing that war.” How true is is.


    • Destabilization and chaos ?
      Why ?

      The muslims are good and tolerant people.
      I thought they only murder jews beacuse of the occupied territories.

      • Guido

        I know what you’re getting at. Obviously, and as I’m so you’d agree, if what you say at the end of your comment were the case, Europe would not be in the midst of a crisis that has resulted from unbridled Muslim immigration, which of course has been by design, just as Hellery’s plan to increase such immigration by 500% in the US is by design for the very same reasons. And just like intelligence operations by various nations that have given rise to groups the likes of AL-Queda (now the “good” guys) and ISIS/ISIL been by design.

        In so far as “good” and “tolerant” people, there’s good and bad in everyone. Only the bad are much easier at manipulating.

  • Howard Roark

    The days of compromise and flinching are at an end and throwing out invented terms like “racist” (((Trotsky))), 1927, to attempt to hide facts are OVER

    It’s not ignorance that motivates WW, it’s fear and money.

    In time it won’t matter Moishe, they can call truth, “hate” but it will still win in the end.

  • Eric

    It’s not like jews control 96% of the world’s media and are trying to get all the muslims to flee to Europe and the US in order to advance the “Greater Israel Project.”

    Oh wait. They do and they are.

  • tomche

    There are good people and there are bad people. But it takes religion to make good people do really bad things

  • SGT

    More than 3,000 READS of this article on SGT Report and only 27 comments, mostly dominated by a few a-holes that we are ALL sick and tired of. IP’s have been added to the blocked list. If you discover that means you, please go away and don’t come back. YOU are no longer welcome here. ~SGT

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