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Getting Your Family to Pull Together On Preparedness | Joel Salatin

from Reluctant Preppers:

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1 comment to Getting Your Family to Pull Together On Preparedness | Joel Salatin

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Getting stubborn ones to PULL TOGETHER? Harness, chains and a Taser works wonders.

    Have them watch a bit of Venezuela again.

    Go back and watch the remake movie “War of the Worlds” (Tom Cruise). Watch and analyze places where idiots could have worked better together, watch the mindless hoards march to their demise.
    See the prepper guy in the basement who was doing OK but that he was really psychotic.

    A lot of movies that are more honest and not totally “sensational” are out there. Take a look at hurricane prepping advice. Look at Zimbabwe.

    Kick them in the ass or kick them out? There are sometimes when this will be the only option. But more likely, just prep on their behalf and when the time comes, you’ll save them and they will be thankful. And you can always chain them up to the garden and make them do all the WEEDING and bug squashing for you. If they don’t agree, then they won’t eat. THAT should help move things along. (yes, a bit of “dark humor”, and hopefully it would never come to that. But hey, for SOME lazy idiots, the only teaching method that works is a baseball bat.)

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