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Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single World Leader from Another Country

from Mark Dice:

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6 comments to Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single World Leader from Another Country

  • GoldTeeth999

    He just had a tough time pronouncing Vit Jedlicka. Medical mj might alleviate pain and cure cancer but it can slow down response time.

  • tomche

    Gary Johnson is an idiot.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I admire Vlad.

    Another item that got my attention, (it may have been the Republic of Congo?) that passed a law that restricts religious buildings, to “recognized” religions, etc, and it has the “effect” of banning ISLAM (but without actually banning it directly).

    More places are making moves to restrict, and perhaps SOMEDAY, may outlaw islam within their borders.

    Most world leaders are idiots, criminals, etc. Abe (Japan), Merkle (Germany), Obama (USSA), Cameron (UK), Xi Jinping (China), Maduro (Venezuela), Mugabe (Zimbabwe) etc.

    Oh but I also ADMIRE Duterte (Philippines). Who has been the most evil world leader? Probably the ROTHSCHILDs (but don’t forget the Bush group, Clintons, Mao, Stalin, Kissinger, Greenspan, Bernanke, Goldman, JPM, and MANY many more.)

  • Johny Comelately

    I agree with Johnson that it’s hard to come up with a world leader to admire. But I think libertarians would have forgiven his Aleppo moment if he’d have publicly confessed looking up to Putin and Duterte. lol.

  • Ratier Duvergé

    Just an embarrassment to any Libertarian. Couldn’t we have found someone better from the “pool”

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Found somebody better in the “pool”? Hahahaha. They pulled Johnson outta the septic tank.

      I wonder if he used to be George W. Bush’s FIRST choice for running mate? They would have made a well balanced TEAM, eh? With a V.P. like Johnson, nobody would DARE to kill the president and end up with Johnson for to top position.

      That’s the trouble with Hillary’s choice, is that her running mate is a fellow that TPTB would LOVE to have in the White House. So they may push to get Hillary into office, so she can die quickly and install her “running mate” as the new “Leader”. Ouch.

      That’s how George Herbert Walker Bush was running things under Ronald Reagan as the “figure head-puppet” while Georgie (CIA) boy ran the underworld-shadow-government.

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