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France and Germany’s Rejection of a Lame Duck TTIP from Moscow’s Perspective

from Rogue Money:

As V the Guerrilla Economist mentioned in his August 30th Mornings with V podcast, Germany’s outspoken (SPD/Social Democrat) Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who had previously said “The period of frosty relations with Russia must end”, declared that negotiations between EU and U.S. representatives on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) had failed, despite “nobody admitting it”. Gabriel was speaking about the 14th round of negotiations between American and European Union officials about the pact held in July in Brussels. Gabriel also, incidentally at a time when RogueMoney’s Ken Shortgen Jr. reports Canada is seeking a free trade pact of its own with China separate from Washington, pointed to an EU/Canadian agreement as an alternative to the failing TTIP.

Gabriel’s rebuff of Washington followed his fellow SPD German cabinet member, Foreign Minister Frank Walter-Steinmeier telling the U.S. and NATO to stop ‘sabre rattling’ along Russia’s borders in June. It should be noted that Gabriel’s comments, like those of Steinmeier’s, are and were an explicit rebuke of their nominal boss Angela Merkel’s policies. Merkel declared just weeks ago that the TTIP was in Europe’s best interests, but she cannot keep her own cabinet members in line to support it. So much for the notion, even if Merkel is an American puppet blackmailed over her Stasi past, that Washington can achieve everything it wants through the weak vessel of Mutti — the most “powerful” (despised) woman in Europe if not Germany. The TTIP is now dead on arrival or at least dead until a Hillary Clinton Administration takes office and tries to ramrod it through under a new name also shows the uselessness of a lame duck President Obama.

The project is infinitely more than a trade deal. It is part of a strategic push to bind together the two halves of North Atlantic civilisation at a dangerous moment when the Western liberal order is under threat. The two sides are currently drifting towards divorce.

“TTIP was supposed to set the rules for the global trade,” said Rem Korteweg, a trade expert at the Centre for European Reform. “It was to be a central pillar of an alliance of like-minded countries. If it all falls apart in acrimony, what kind of global governance are we going to have?” he said.

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