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Foreign Troops Training to Execute Americans Who Won’t Surrender Their Guns

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

In the 8 months that the drill known as Unconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX 16) have been taking place, I have received 5 communications in various forms which have alerted me to the true nature of these drills. Unlike Jade Helm 15, UWEX 16 is covert. The only word that comes out of UWEX 16 is from the participants or their family members who are freaked out. There is a complete blackout of information by the MSM.

The media silence tells me that these drills could be snap drills and could go live at any moment. Of the emails I have received on this topic, the following two emails are the most disturbing. It is with some trepidation that I offer these emails because I know I am putting a big bullseye on my back. I feel like I am a magnet for these communications because I have been writing about UWEX since its inception and, of course, my work with the movie Amerigedon has brought this kind of attention to myself.

Here are two emails that speak for themselves and they are consistent with other emails and communications that I have received.

Dear Dave,

Our nephew training at a base in Texas. He is part of the UWEX 16 drills that you have written about. This email is a summary of what we have been told over the past several months.

Pardon me, but we cannot reveal his branch or base for fear that it could be traced. This email was sent in a manner that it cannot be traced to us. Please understand, but I want to let you know how dangerous things are getting.

You have written that under FM 39.4 that foreign troops will trained to take over the FEMA camps so that the planned genocide will be done with no conscience. The same is true for gun confiscation.

Our nephew is going to leave the service and not re-enlist. We have advised him to keep quiet about his intentions and just do it.

What has him so upset is the fact that he was forced to observe a drill in which Russian soldiers went into a fake American home and executed the family of US citizens who did not immediately comply with handing over their guns. He said that the civilian actors were screaming things about the Constitution and the Second Amendment as the Russians pretended to execute the actors playing the family. The American soldiers who were there were supposed to offer advice on how to talk to Americans in these fake homes. Martial law training?

Our nephew said that all of his fellow soldiers are freaked out. The reason that I am writing to you is because we feel that you understand what we are talking about because you promoted the movie Amerigeddon in which the UN took over the government and the military and were executing people. Please, please, we beg you to spread this information, Dave. This is real and they are going to murder Americans right in their homes.

Three days ago, I received a similar email from a person claiming to be an anonymous soldier.

Mr. Hodges,

I am currently reassigned in order to take place in drills in Texas. I have seen preparations for our government to fight a war using asymmetrical tactics in what you have called guerrilla war in your articles. The bases that I have been assigned to are replete with the presence of foreign troops from Poland, Denmark, Russia and Malaysia.

In some of the gaming scenarios, we have seen a consistent theme in that American soldiers (both veteran current soldiers) have banded together to fight a covert war against this administration. In one scenario, the enemy was attacking supply trucks used to resupply military bases housing large numbers of foreign troops, called “our friendly allies”. Here are some of the tactics I have seen employed.

Negotiating and bribing American guerrilla leaders with large sums of money to roll over on their fellow “terrorists”. Any student at the Academy will tell you that is what the Nazis did with the French when they invaded France in early WW II.

Removal of actors playing civilians to detention facilities for aiding and abetting terrorist activities. These people were forced to leave their homes with only the clothes on their back. They were stripped searched and everything was confiscated including wallets and inhalers. No medicine was permitted. The actors would cry out that they needed their diabetes medication of their asthma inhalers and the foreign soldiers were taught to ignore the please.

Taking family members of guerrilla forces into custody who had relatives who were part of the “illegal resistance”. Although I did not see this first hand, one of my subordinates said that he witnessed the mock torture of family members in order to extract information regarding their relatives who were engaged in illegal activities.

I have seen interrogation techniques taught to foreign officers that ended in execution for noncompliance. The mock executions were carried out in the presence of other supposed rebels in order to elicit their cooperation. In the mock execution strategies, the soldiers, dressed in civilian clothes and were lined up on their knees. Each soldier was given 30 seconds to confess or to provide requested information. if they did not comply, there were shot in the back of the head. Two foreign soldiers would drag the body from the room while pressure was put on the next insurgent soldier. Phrases like “America is done, don’t die for a lost cause” were employed in the training.

I have also seen torture being applied which involved the withholding of food and sleep deprivation.

As I said there was one scenario where they lined up the actors who were playing the role of insurgents and brought in their relatives and executed them one by one until certain information was extracted. The twist in this was that the soldiers were wearing military issue. I strongly felt that the purpose of this drill was not the training to perform murder to get information, I felt and so did others that we were the target of an experiment to see how we would react. Would we recoil as a 10 year old was eliminated in a mock execution in front of his rebel father? Our role in all of these mock situations involving torture and execution was to merely observe with the idea that we had something to learn. However, we were never instructed to do what we were watching in any future drill. This is why we feel that we were being observed for our reaction.

Mr. Hodges, I have no intention of participating in these treasonous activities and neither do many others who talk about this in secret. The foreign troops hate Americans, they joke with us about how fat and stupid the American public is. I think you get the idea. I do not have a time frame for the execution of these activities. I do feel that it will not be long because it is expensive and arduous to maintain a field presence like what I have seen for any length of time. Drills that would ordinarily be completed in 2-4 days are lasting longer than a month. It is almost as if there is stalling for time in anticipation of something. I know that is not logical but that is the feeling I was left with.

I feel strongly that the American people not just military are in danger. Please spread the word and I apologize for my need to remain anonymous. This is not the America I agreed to serve and I will not. Now is not the time for troops involved in these operations to stand up. Resistance would be to no avail at this point. I feel that most soldiers will stand up when these things begin to happen for real. You can rest assured that I will not be anonymous when and if these plans are carried out. Please share this information and thank you for what you do.

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7 comments to Foreign Troops Training to Execute Americans Who Won’t Surrender Their Guns

  • d

    As an AMERICAN solider participating in these ‘drills’..why not use your government issued it a gun or knife and eliminate some of the ‘participants’ from these FOREIGN nations during the commission a a treasonous act…remember ” the best defense is a good OFFENSE”….this might get the attention that it needs…and also YOU would go out as an AMERICAN HERO….imho….Semper Fi

  • Kak

    This is so horrifying to read that I am almost speechless.
    I will only say this:

    May God Bless all Americans today.
    My prayers and love are with you all…

  • Randy0302

    Don’t worry Kak Dave has zero cred, ZERO!
    Looks like he hires trolls to pretend to listen.

  • Kak

    I have listened to Dave before.
    I find him credible, even if that means it may well be horrifying.

  • tomche

    I just watched the movie “Amerigeddon”. While movie wasn’t very good, the message was…and it ties into what Dave, and others are saying regarding foreign troops on US soil.

    Knowing what we do about these psychopaths in power, are we really to think they wouldn’t do this? Sure seems like a way forward for them and their objective of a one world government and a vast decrease of the population

  • KRELL427

    I would be more worried if US troops were in my country. The US is the worst war mongering predator nation on the planet. Their people , resources and wealth are being used by the cabal to carry out their agenda.

  • Daniel

    Foreign troops in our country trying to take our guns equals a whole lot of dead foreign troops. When it goes to burying them, I’ll just cop a quote from Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales and say “to hell with them boys. Buzzards gotta eat. Same as worms.”

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