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Fed Dove Frets about Asset Bubbles, Wall Street Freaks Out

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

The Fed hawks don’t matter. The doves do!

Doubtlessly, the Fed will flip-flop in its elegant manner about rate increases as it has been for over two years, but this time a reliable dove flipped. That itself is scary to the markets. And the reason he mentioned for flipping sent cold chills down their spine.

He named one of the biggest and riskiest asset bubbles, commercial real estate. It doesn’t plateau. But it either booms, driven by cheap credit, lots of liquidity, and endless hype. Or it crashes. And he worried that banks and coddled investors, including holders of commercial-mortgage backed securities, will get hit by the shrapnel.

When Boston Fed governor Eric Rosengren, a voting member of the Federal Open Markets Committee, where monetary policy is decided, shared some aspects of his worries on Friday morning, markets tanked instantly.

This came just after the ECB’s refusal to please the markets with promises of additional bond purchases. Instead, it stuck to the promises it had made previously. What a disappointment for markets running on nothing but central-bank mouth-wagging and money-printing!

By the time the ECB’s failure to please and Rosengren’s scary comments hit the trading algos Friday morning, Dow futures had plunged over 100 points. At the end of the day, the record long calm of the S&P 500, lasting 53 trading sessions, got busted viciously to the downside. The index plunged 2.45%, the worst day since the Brexit-vote sell-off of June 24.

Bonds got hit too, and yields rose, with the 10-year Treasury yield jumping 6 basis points to 1.67%, the highest since the Brexit vote. The 30-year Treasury yield jumped 7 basis points to 2.39%. In Europe, bonds also fell, with the German 10-year yield jumping 8 basis points and turning positive for the first time since the Brexit vote.

Oil plunged 4%, more than wiping out the head-fake rally the day before.

No one cares when the Fed hawks squawk about rates being too low, or whatever; they always do that, and that’s why they’re hawks. When it comes to set policy, they’re shoved aside.

But when a solid dove like Rosengren squawks about rates being too low and “waiting too long to tighten,” and when he frets about bubbles that could go haywire and do some real damage, suddenly markets break out in cold sweat.

He was one of the proponents to raise rates one notch last December, to get the first rate increase over with. In November, he’d fretted about a commercial real bubble in Boston. This time, he fretted about a commercial real estate bubble in the US!

In his speech, Rosengren discussed how the US economy has been “fairly resilient” and is near “reaching the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate from Congress (stable prices and maximum sustainable employment),” despite all the global headwinds, some of which he enumerated. And so, he said, “a reasonable case can be made for continuing to pursue a gradual normalization of monetary policy.”

Hence, rate increases, even though there were some “conflicting signals” in the economic data – “Clearly, the first two quarters did not live up to the forecasts,” he said. But “waiting too long to tighten” would expose the economy to two risks:

First, the economy overheats – the belated tightening might “require more rapid increases in interest rates later in the cycle,” which will likely “result” in a recession, as it did “frequently” in the past.

And second, asset bubbles – “that some asset markets become too ebullient.” He pointed at commercial real estate prices that “have risen quite rapidly over the past five years, particularly for multifamily properties.” He added:

Because commercial real estate is widely held in the portfolios of leveraged institutions, commercial real estate cycles can amplify the impact of economic downturns as financial institutions need to write down the value of loans and cut back on lending to maintain their capital ratios.

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1 comment to Fed Dove Frets about Asset Bubbles, Wall Street Freaks Out

  • Ed_B

    The real point in all this Fed / rate nonsense is that the market seems WELL aware of the fact that it is incredibly weak. So weak, in fact, that the mere proposal of a minuscule rate hike is enough to cause the market to s**t itself. So much for all the yapping about “recovery” and “green shoots”. All of that is simply a pack of lies that are being promulgated by the US Gov and the Fed to make Obama look like he isn’t a complete incompetent. Unfortunately for this effort, it has failed and WAY too many people know the truth about this failed excuse for a “leader”.

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