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EXPOSED: The Elites Who Control Silver & The World — Charles Savoie


Writer and researcher Charles Savoie joins me to discuss his life’s work to expose the centuries long scheme to control, suppress and demonetize silver by the secret society called ‘The Pilgrims’. Charles Silver Squelchers series of articles stretches more than 3,000 pages in length and reveals incredible details about the silver suppression scheme that can found no where else. You can find Charles work at the – Thanks for joining us.

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40 comments to EXPOSED: The Elites Who Control Silver & The World — Charles Savoie

      • Eric

        I’m not turning in jack or shit.

        But I might buy more bullets.

        Silver is HONEST money!

        U.S. Constitution – Article 1 Section 10

        No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and SILVER Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

        • dan w

          im just posting so people don’t think you’re talking to yourself. i dont want people thinking we’re crazy.

        • Eric

          Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet, and the houses of Rothschild, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Windsor can go back to hell if they think the people are going to roll over and do what they say.

          These monsters should leave the planet before there is a 10 ton Gold bounty on their heads.

          I like Charles but it’s different now. The awakening is happening. It’s unstoppable. We aren’t rolling over this time. Their secret is out.

        • tomche

          Jack or shit. LOL. nice.

        • Ed_B


          “Thing but gold and SILVER Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”

          Heh heh… seems to me that both Obama and Hellery have been granted nobility status in that they are officially above the law of the land. Maybe they could be investigated, charged, convicted, and jailed on that basis? Not. :-/

      • Minuteman

        @Eric re: “Who cares when it rises?”

        I do! We have a finite amount of time on earth. Are you saying that you don’t care if it takes 50 or 100 years to rise???

        • Eric

          Minuteman, I am quite certain it won’t take that long for this fiat monetary system to collapse.

          But, you want your money and your wealth to outlive you. Not the other way around.

          Silver is not an investment or a trade. It is insurance and sound money. When the price rises, you pay more for it. When the price drops, you can purchase more ounces with less fiat. Do you want to pay more for it or less for it?

          You have to get out of the mindset of ever selling it. It’s always a buying opportunity. Never a selling opportunity. Are you going to sell your guns after they become more expensive? Or your ammo? Or your food or toilet paper?

          I think too many people bought some and looked at it like a lottery ticket. Now they are still waiting to hit the jackpot. Stacking Silver is an honest way to save one’s wealth. Take a break, slow down for a bit. But to those that bought it and then stopped, my question is what are you going to save your wealth in now?

          Silver is (still) the most undervalued, under-owned monetary asset in the world currently. Are you sure you have enough of it? Because once the price rises, it’s gone. Either it will go parabolic, the supplies will disappear, or it will become too expensive to stack for the unconscious masses.

          Hey, I think I’ll buy some more. Can’t wait for my treasure chest to get here. Should be easier to organize all this Silver when it does.

          Salivate Metal and Silver Slacker have some major catching up to do from what I can see. 🙂

          • Ed_B


            “Stacking Silver is an honest way to save one’s wealth.”

            Amen to that, Bro. Honest money for honest people… something in which the bankers, politicians, and other scum of the earth have absolutely no interest in. Well, for us, that is. They want it ALL for themselves and just enough “useless eaters” around to serve their needs.

            “Can’t wait for my treasure chest to get here.”

            Yeah, I can see it now… a 4 x 4 x 8 foot shipping crate on 2 pallets. You sure that only ONE of these will be enough??? 😀

            • Eric

              Haha. It’s not for the entire stack Ed. Just my favorites. Not very big actually. I used empty monster boxes for those.

              Another thing regarding having a finite amount of time on this earth. You only have time if you make time. Time is relative. You can bend the laws of nature but you can’t break them.

              You guys need to watch the matrix again.

              I plan on burying my treasure and remembering where I stashed it in the next life.

              I don’t know why everyone wants higher prices. You’re just going to pay more of your labor. Too many people buy silver for the wrong reasons.

  • Yuuppp

    Theres a 1ton gold bounty already on each of them by the WDS …thats what ben fulfords saying

  • tomche

    Excellent Interview, Sean. Savoie is a wealth of knowledge!

  • Eric

    Big reduction in shorts this week.

    Silver CME Inventory (Troy Ounces)

    Report Date Registered oz. Eligible oz. Total oz.

    08/17/16 26,446,106.91 131,013,369.96 157,459,476.87
    08/23/16 27,435,278.44 130,076,274.52 157,511,552.96
    08/26/16 27,444,591.35 133,384,045.93 160,828,637.29
    09/02/16 27,622,879.68 134,608,936.56 162,231,816.25


    Commitment of Traders Report (Contracts of 5,000 Troy Ounces)

    Date Total Long Total Short

    08/09/16 183,722 195,969
    08/16/16 177,000 192,605
    08/23/16 178,341 193,207
    08/30/16 166,041 177,365

  • KRELL427

    Great interview, Charles is the Pilgrim Hunter, his knowledge sails over most peoples head.

  • glitter 1

    Charles is a wealth on knowledge,he’s done the work.While he was going through the organizations/lineages all I could hear was bing,bing,bing,ding since I was recalling much of what he was exposing.
    Going back to recordings made by John Todd in the early 1980’s where he was explaining about the Illuminati and how they function.They are generational,the bloodlines go back centuries.He was from the Collins Bloodline and one of the 13 highest level druid councils that rule over the US/Europe.
    He explained that in the Illuminati there is a thing called “A RUDE”(you can google it,but it can’t/won’t be found)However,I did ask and confirmed it with Doc Marquis(Ex-Illuminati Witch),He confirmed it is true.
    “RUDE”- “Let the Kings be Kings the Bankers be Bankers,the Priests be Priests”
    Who are the Kings?
    Who are the Bankers?
    Who are the Priests?
    To run down the answers of who/what constitute those three groups could take hundreds and hundreds of hours of reading/researching,watching/listening.
    The short answer is the descendants of the Merovingians(the European Royalty)
    To learn/read about it in a book named: “Guardians Of The Grail”

    Also,a good book on the subject of The Order Of The Garter is:”The Antichrist and a Cup Of Tea”

    There are The Kings,The Bankers,The Priests and guess what it’s not the Bankers that hold sway on the power,it’s the priests who dictate to the other two.

    Learn about “The Stone Of Scone”/Stone Of Jacob

    It sits/resides under the Throne of The King Of England.

    Learn about the “Spear Of Destiny”

    It currently resides in the Hapsburg Museum Vienna.Hitler stole it during WWII,Patton was sent to retrieve it and gave it back to the Hapsburgs.

    The Kings,The Bankers,The Priests are “those that say they are Jews and are not”.

    • anon

      glitter1 – you said: “…it’s not the Bankers that hold sway on the power, it’s the Priests who dictate to the other two [to Kings and Bankers].”

      IF true, then it’s Vatican ‘City’ (& the Jesuits/”Jew”-suits) that rule over the ‘City’ of London, and the ‘District’ of Columbia. Anyone interested in finding out more info. on this specific topic, can read _THE EMPIRE OF THE CITY_ by E.C. Knuth.

  • Omniversling

    Fascinating, riveting and informative post Sean. Thanks so much for alerting me to the existence of Charles Savoie. He’s presented a whole new sheaf of links to winnow…

    The Best of Humanity will always outlive and outlast the worst of Humanity. That’s one of the qualities that makes us so special. Hope and courage cannot be broken or overwhelmed longterm, although a test is not a good test unless it seems real.

    We in the west (‘1st world’) are being roused up now (Africa and ME already for decades), and I expect the intensity and the regularity of the testing to increase until the system resets (or is reset). We must ensure that it resets to favour Humanity, sustainably.

    Hopefully we’ll be able to achieve that without too much further bloodshed and suffering…start with withdrawing consent for the corrupt and unlawful legal fiction that enslaves us, and is kept hidden from us.

    No-one with a heart and brain likes to be a slave. Many who think (both heart and brain have ‘brain’ cells), feel something is wrong..and when we study our strawman/legal fiction, we realise we’ve been ‘claimed’ at birth by another legal fiction, the ‘State’. Independence starts inside.

    The mind is a magnet. I take conscious care in what I allow through my eyes and ears. And keep a healthy heart. So much ‘Realm of Darkitude’ is now being regularly spread through MSM and stadium PsyOpportunities like MTV awards, Olympics and Superbowl. Open flaunting of satanic imagery and ritualistic sacrifice, in real-time. We have few tools but faith and good will/intentions to counter the range of weaponry the State is prepared to use against us (and is already using against us).

    Time will tell if that’s enough. Time will tell if there is a ‘God on our side’ who’s going to intervene. If not….well…expect a lot more morbid, sapping, helplessness whilst watching the technofascistische EndGame rollout openly. Those who pulled off JFK and 911 are becoming more and more emboldened by not having been called to account.

    Good reading & research here:

    ‪Kenneth Scott: Hidden in Plain Sight, Seeing the Real Matrix- ‬
    ‪Anarchast Ep.275‬

    Lose the Legal Name

    The Servant King Series

    WE are ALL Corpses in The CORPORATION | TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

    Go well, stay strong, and good luck all…

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Here is “The Muppets” singing their version of exactly who is made to benefit from all the policies of “The Federal Reserve Bank”.

    Listen carefully to the Lyrics and you’ll understand.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Darn it, I grabbed the WRONG LINK…. the “Chicken’s song” is the one that describes what happens to all the common people of the world… we are “clucked”.

      Here’s the renditon of who benefits from the FED.
      Again, you MUST listen to these COMPLICATED Lyrics and you’ll understand the COMPLEX reasoning behind “The FED”, Goldman-Sachs, JPM, Congressmen, etc

      And pay attention to what happens at the end of it all, and be ready for it.

  • incognitio

    Hidden sources of silver?

    The breaking down of The CALUTRONS!!!!

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Calutrons. That was some interesting stuff to read about (the huge electromagnet system for concentrating uranium before they came up with the gas-diffusion method). Those huge electromagnets, were wound with silver because copper was needed for the “war effort”.

      In total, 14,700 tons of silver was used (this is a little bit LESS than one year’s worth of world mining production of silver).

      According to “sources”, (In May 1970, the last 67 short tons (61 tonnes; 2,000,000 troy ounces) of silver was replaced with copper and returned to the Treasury.)

      So even if the calutrons had not been broken down until the 1990’s or 2000’s, the tonnage would not have been enough to supply the markets with “extra” tonnage for more than about 5 years or so.

      That was a very well educated guess, and I enjoyed educating myself about what a “Calutron” is.

      • Ed_B

        “In total, 14,700 tons of silver was used (this is a little bit LESS than one year’s worth of world mining production of silver).”

        That would be just over 1/2 of the silver produced per year, if one uses the ~800 million ounces figure. From various sources, I have seen numbers ranging from 700-900M ounces per year. If we use 800M as an average, the 14,700 tons is equal to 472.6M ozs. or 59% of 1 year’s production. It is a LOT of silver, no matter how it is sliced, though.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    if it is not in your hands….

  • fonestar

    I would like to see more information and articles on how “the beast system” supports itself using what I call “MICRO USURY”. Yes, suppressing Gold & Silver is a MAJOR part of their game but it is not the entire game.

    So much of this FRAUD-BEAST-SYSTEM is supported by digital service charges. We have been conditioned to believe that we have “daily limits” on our accounts. We have have to pay $2.00 to use an ATM from this branch in this city and $3.50 to use that ATM there. We need to pay $10 monthly fee for the PRIVILEGE of having an account that pays nearly 0% on a supposed “SAVINGS ACCOUNT”. We need to pay $1.00 to have a stupid booklet updated, or a paper receipt printed showing us how much fake money we have access to.

    This is 100% BULLSHIT but the good news is that we do have digital alternatives today and that’s where crypto-currencies come into play. The bankers are starting to take notice, COMPETE OR DIE MOFO’S!

  • anon

    Wait Until You Hear This! This is How Bad It Will Get, Soon (Dave Hodges Interview PT2)

    Read the comments. Click on the links.

    G20 Meets in China To Fight Anti-Globalism And Usher In ‘New’ [‘Jew’] World Order

    Read the article, AND the excellent comments in the comments section (especially the comment by “jj”)!

    • glitter 1

      As a followup to your last link, Here is what I commented here back on 07/23/2014:

      > The NWO is not what most think.
      > The Goal/End Game is all scripted and is playing out as planned.
      > The Controllers are not just in the US,UK,EU,they are also in
      China,Russia,Japan,Korea,Canada,Mexico and all of the rest.
      > They are all in on it and doing their bit part.
      > Once you know and understand the Big Picture Plan,you can connect the Dots and
      deduce where this is all headed.
      > “The Signs Of The Times”,the Markers and Sign Posts are before us to see.The
      Controllers will not turn it back/allow it to turn back.
      > When the Great Convergence arrives,they will all go under ground in their bunkers and leave the
      “Profane” to swing in the breeze on their own,to fend for themselves.

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