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Election Fraud Probabilities

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:

It is an election year and the media has obsessed over Trump’s inflammatory statements and HRC’s health. A recent Google search for “Hillary’s health” showed 140 million hits. Parkinson’s has been widely mentioned.

Both issues could affect the outcome of the Presidential election IF the election is honest and has not already been decided.


But are election fraud, vote “miscounts,” illegal voters, and buying the election probable? We all know the jokes about the Chicago cemetery vote, but what about election fraud in voting machines, punch cards, or manual systems?

onsider: “In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney received zero votes.” Very strange voting results were reported in the 2012 election – possible, but not likely ……



  • Was the 2012 Presidential election count in Philadelphia accurate?
  • Yes, those divisions vote heavily democratic. One can easily imagine a 90% democratic vote, or maybe even 99% in some divisions.
  • But is it likely that 59 voting divisions voted 100.00% for Obama against Romney? Total votes 19,605 to zero.
  • Were votes “miscounted” or were voting machines programmed for an Obama result?
  • Is it reasonable to believe that not one person in 59 voting divisions voted for Romney out of choice, or as a vote against Obama, or even as the “lesser evil?”

Apply logic and probability math:

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