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Dollar Collapse Starts Sept 30? Gold Bull Will Rage | David Morgan

from Reluctant Preppers:

With major analysts predicting a convulsive impact to the US Dollar this fall, driven by a global rush into the new SDR basket of currencies once it becomes turbo-charged with the Chinese Yuan and gold, how will Gold and Silver react, and what can you do NOW even beyond holding gold & silver to position yourself ahead of the next surprise leg of the bull market?

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6 comments to Dollar Collapse Starts Sept 30? Gold Bull Will Rage | David Morgan

  • No One

    gold, at this point, is not a part of the SDR. I don’t know how David thinks it is. In fact, gold is explicitly forbidden from the SDR.

    this can all change once the RMB is included and the world’s economy falls apart. at that point the RMB might become gold-backed, and that would be a back door for gold.

  • Randy

    There’s an old, old saying about the best laid plans of mice and men often going awry, well this is pretty much uncharted territory here now. Never before in the history of the world, have we been dependent upon electricity and all that it entails. The refineries that generate the gas and oil that make it possible to have the various infrastructures we depend upon require lots of steady electricity. One thing feeds another as well as maintaining itself. When the military men and women realize that their own families and friends are being killed off, you will see a revolution within the ranks that you will not believe could ever happen. It will be total chaos with everyone fighting for their own survival firstly. It will be like a shark feeding frenzy where even the sharks get bitten in two. NO ONE knows exactly how it ends, until it ends. Maybe out of the dust and rubble enough people will crawl to start all over again.

  • tomche

    David appears sincere, but has been nothing but wrong for so long, i stopped listening.

  • KRELL427

    I feel a lot better being prepared and nothing happening, than being unprepared and having a dollar collapse or financial reset. I do not agree with some that our debt will be wiped out. I also feel the only thing David and many others have been wrong about is the extant to which the bankers have been able to ignore the laws and manipulate every market on the planet.

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