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Deutsche Bank, Japan Bonds, SDR China, Saudi USTs, One Heck of a Weekend: Open Thread

from Rogue Money:

Dear Rogue Money Readers: we are posting this Open Thread to encourage Reader Comments in the spirit of “if you hear something, say something” as the Maelstrom of Autumn 2016 begins to unfold. The specific data points that I am watching as Q3 winds down tomorrow are listed below. But, as W. has reminded us, “Expect the Unexpected,” and absolutely ANYTHING can happen now between today and next Monday… and beyond as we steer through the treacherous waters of October.

Shout-out to V. and to Ken Schortgen Jr. for sounding the preliminary alarm bells. You’ll want to start with these Youtubes:

1. Posted Thursday Sept. 29th, a 3-minute update. You’ll want to hit the Subscribe button at Ken’s special channel page here.

2. V’s interview with the recorded Wednesday, Sept 28. Comments on Deutsche Bank, the Silk Road, the potential for China to absorb the IMF into the AIIB and establish a Gold Control, lots more:

Honorary Team Rogue Money member Bix Weir has been busy. He reminds us that this past July’s “credit watch” of Deutsche Bank could easily turn into “credit downgrade” any moment now:


Recent ZeroHedge headlines related to our favorite German Piñata, Deutsche Bank, are listed below. By the time this article is posted there will likely be a dozen more. Feel free to post breaking news down in the Comments section.

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