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Deflation = A Rise in the Standard of Living

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

We need inflation. Just listen to any of the central bank inflation-creators, the puppet politicians, the charlatan economists, or the mindless parrots in the mainstream media. The perverse irony, of course, is that while these liars and idiots lament that we need more inflation, high inflation is already raging around us.

Why do we supposedly need inflation? The answer from these liars/idiots would be funny if it weren’t so tragic – because people actually believe it. We supposedly need inflation to help our economies grow, which (if it were actually true) would lead to a rising standard of living. With a bigger “pie”, everyone gets a larger slice.

As is generally the case in the Wonderland Matrix, the truth is precisely opposite to this mythology. We expose the mythology and learn the truth by starting (as always) with definition of terms. What isinflation? If you listen to the bankers, politicians, economists, and media parrots; inflation is some mysterious, exogenous force, which only appears (if we’re lucky) via the arcane rituals by the shamans of our central banks.

In the real world, we can explain inflation much more simply. The correct, economic definition of inflation (i.e. the only definition) is that inflation is an increase in the supply of money. Our monetary base is “inflated” as the central bank shamans conjure more of their funny-money. Thus the lie that we don’t/didn’t have enough inflation is instantly exposed by showing the Bernanke Helicopter Drop – the most-massive infusion of inflation into the global monetary system in history.

In turn, once the central bank shamans have created their inflation via conjuring more of their funny-money, we see price inflation – the inevitable consequence of conjuring funny-money. When you dilute the money-supply by conjuring more currency, the purchasing power of that currency is reduced, causing prices to rise. It is actually this price inflation which the liars/idiots tell us that we “need” out of one side of their mouths, while they pretend that it doesn’t exist out of the other side of their mouths. Once again, this is a lie which is quickly and immediately exposed.

Food prices are spiraling higher at the fastest rate in our history. Housing prices are spiraling higher at the fastest rate in our history. Food and shelter: the two most-indispensable categories of consumption in our economies. In any rational view of our economies, there is already far too much (price) inflation. So let us summarize this fantasy world, as stated by the liars and idiots.

The only “inflation” in the world is the price inflation which results from conjuring funny-money. We (supposedly) need this inflation to help our economies grow. However, supposedly, there is no (price) inflation despite the central bank shamans having conjured more funny-money than at any other time in our history. We have exposed all of this as nothing but infantile lies, except for the underlying myth of these liars and idiots: that we need (price) inflation.

Do we? How do benefit from prices marching higher, relentlessly, forever, while wages stay stagnant? Understand that none of the charlatan economists or central bank shamans want to see wages rising with inflation. When wages and inflation rise together, the charlatans and shamans have their own term for that. They call it a “wage/price spiral”, and they tell us it is the worst, possible fate for any economy.

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