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Critical Economic Shifts Happening Right Now

from Peter Schiff:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Self driving vehicles do have a lot of positives (and yes, plenty of negatives too). A self driving car, are not yet programmed (too early in the development cycle) to detect that the car needs to be serviced, etc. Self driving vehicles can’t smell the burning rubber of a fan-belt getting burned up, or the odor of electrical wires burning, or do a good job of hearing something different in the motor, trans, brakes or wheel bearings, tires thumping, etc.

    The smell of anti-freeze is another important “sensor” that humans have. If a leak develops, and the radiator will drain out, you gotta stop the car way before the damage gets done. With aluminum heads, if a hose blows apart, you gotta shut it down within 10 seconds or LESS because the extra heat will warp the heads and cause more than $1000 of damage.

    In the future, there will be a number of incidents where the passenger has a heart attack and the car will continue to drive (perhaps for hundreds of miles) to deliver a dead passenger to their destination. At least the car won’t crash because the driver dies behind the wheel. There may need to be some kind of sensors to detect medical emergencies in the passenger seats. (Burrito-gas attacks can be ignored.)

    Self driving cars don’t know how to stay out of the ghetto-gangster side of town, or what areas to avoid after dark.

    Self driving cars & trucks would remove a lot of customers from all the truck-stops. But I can see the benefit of self-driving 18-wheelers making the long road trips and then perhaps a local truck driver going the last few miles to get the load into the loading docks, etc.

    The few times that I was driving a commercial sized delivery truck between Michigan & Florida, it was a REAL pain in the butt to keep accurate, detailed DOT records of my driving hours, resting hours, weekly reset hours, sleeping hours, standby hours, etc. A self driving truck, would free-up the human “driver” from much of that. He’d be able to sleep on the trip, and wake up to handle the “last mile”, etc.

    Here’s a GOOD point= Self driving cars will destroy the SPEED TRAP cops from making so many tickets, and the RED light cameras will start to lose a lot of money too.

    Drug smugglers (mules) will just throw a hundred pounds of drugs in the trunk of the car, and tell it to drive from Loredo Texas up to Chicago and never worry about getting arrested. Hahaha.

    I think we will actually see some growth in the self driving vehicles, to be able to handle the freeways at first. It will be tougher for those cars to handle all the surface streets with all the pot-holes, dead animals in the road or to avoid a dog that runs out in front of the car, or to swerve around road debris.

    Road-side panhandlers & window washers will be disappointed. Car jackers won’t be able to jump in and steal the car unless he has some device that can disable the auto-driver system.

    But self driving cars, won’t know to HIT the gas to get the hell out of a ghetto situation to save the passengers from getting attacked when the gangsters decide to play “rob the riders”.

    Self driving cars, will have a harder time to be programmed to know if that plastic bag in the road needs to be swerved-avoided, or if it’s just blowing lightly in the wind and can be “ran over” safely. Right now, humans are very good as those simple, instant observations.

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