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Colin Kaepernick Booed For Refusing to Stand During National Anthem on Military Appreciation Night

from Mark Dice:

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9 comments to Colin Kaepernick Booed For Refusing to Stand During National Anthem on Military Appreciation Night

  • Guido

    So here we have another sports superstar who rakes in mega millions a year, and yet runs around behaving like a trendy social justice poser fighting another contrived battle, even going so far as to wear his hair like some Hollywood B actor in a 1971 Blacksploitation flick in case anyone questions his dedication to the cause. Just another legend in his own mind with too much to prove.

  • d

    This ‘bozo’ should run for elected office….as his disdain for America and self promotion , qualifies him for office….imho

  • Steelerdude

    Sorry Collin …you need to go back to Africa with your buddy Obama….you absolutely stink !
    as a person and as a quarterback!

  • Troy

    I hate that bastard

  • AK

    We live in a country where a criminal is a presidential candidate and we have no rule of law, so what does this country stand for?? I am paraphrasing but in essence that is exactly Colin Kaepernick said in an interview afterwards. Unlike most brain dead Americans who don’t know or care what is going on in this country, Colin is at least taking a stand and forcing a debate on an important issue. I have new found respect for the man and support him all the way although I fear that his football career may well be over.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    To pledge allegiance to any flag is BS! Its Part of the communist manifisto. When they started saying the pledge in the US many people wouldn’t say it because they believed it was against the Bible. Then the they added the words under God. People were pleased and began saying the pledge. Now they are looking to remove under God from the pledge. We are living in country that is slowly moving towards socialism and still people are out waving their American flag. Who cares about a stinking flag! Waving a stupid flag is the reason we are here today. Too many brain washed masses will fight for a stupid flag with no principals or understanding for what they are fighting for. Thinking you’re free is not the same as actually being free. I care about true freedom not propaganda. If this guy wants to sit while the anthem is sang who cares.I definitely don’t but I see that many of you do. I’m a vet AND I KNOW I WAS DECEIVED ABOUT THESE WARS AGAINST HUMANITY. We as a country should hold are heads in shame for not speaking up for the death and destruction we allowed this out of control government to do in our names. We have more important things in this country to get angry about than this guy not standing up at the anthem.

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