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As Hilary Clinton’s health, public support and campaign continue to collapse, the establishment is circling the wagons around their puppet thereby exposing their NWO agenda and all of its ugly, anti-American colors. George HW Bush says he’ll vote for Hillary, and why not? The Bush family created the Clintons. Goldman Sachs is forbidding its employees from making any donations to Donald Trump. And the mockingbird mainstream media continues to cover up Hillary’s perjury and the BILLIONS of dollars missing from the Clinton Foundation. The establishment is burning down its own house in the vain attempt to save it. Writer and researcher David Jensen joins me to talk about all of it.  David’s writings can be found at

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  • Suzanne

    Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, offered a unique perspective on the election… just killing either Trump or Hillary wouldn’t do for the elites… they would have to kill both. Trump is not stupid, though.
    For those of you that are into this stuff… I am a dowser and I know a bunch of other dowsers… all keep getting that Hillary is already dead.

  • tomche

    Great interview, Sean. Things are certainly coming to a climax, it’s palpable. And I can’t stop thinking: what am I over-looking? Have I missed something? Will the elite/status quo tolerate a Trump presidency?, or will they foment war if they cannot get their puppet clinton (No capital “C” for this traitor) into the presidency…

    • SGT

      Thanks T. Wouldn’t it just be a dream come true to see Hilary arrested by the FBI — or any alphabet agency – taken away in chains and tried very publicly for her crimes? Let’s all pray we see that day, and soon.

      • Ed_B

        My vote would be for NCIS to do the deed. No one else seems to have the balls to do it. Yes, a perp walk on national TV would be good… and is LONG over-due.

        Hopefully, the trial would unearth enough clinton crap to get Billy Boy arrested, tried, convicted, and put in the same cell with Hellery… IF she still lives and with her body doubles if not. They too are part of this scam so should share in the punishment.

      • Hal

        Sure, but not if its just to throw her under the bus (or even just for show). The fact that clinton and company have been able to get away with what they have for so long shows how widespread the corruption must be. Certainly all these agencies were not oblivious for all these years so who is allowing it to happen? Im all for her doing her time, but thats not going to solve much of anything is all im saying.

        • Ed_B

          Learn to take victory a step at a time. Never reject even a small victory. Justice MUST be done in order to convince other wannabes not to follow that same path to destruction.

      • tomche

        Sean, if she ISN’T arrested, we will have a revolution in this country.

        But ohhhhh the sweet thought of her in an orange jump suit along with all her perps…that day cannot come soon enough!

  • tomche

    Suzanne, what the hell does being a “dowser” have to do with anything?

    • Matt

      True. Most people click on the comments and the first comment they see is “I’m a dowser ….. and Hillary is already dead” … and that’s the last time they visit this site!

  • Millicent

    I watched Hillary’s recent rant where she was claiming that “Trump cheats small businessmen!”. She looked and sounded pathetic.

    • Ed_B

      She IS pathetic! I would LOVE to have a great woman as our president but this POS doesn’t even deserve to be a dog catcher in a 1-dog town. At this stage, her desperation is getting so bad that even the rank and file Dems are starting to get it that she is the worst choice they can make.

      The only good thing happening from all this is that the RINOs are coming out from behind their masks and publicly claiming their RINOhood. OK, good. May they ALL lose their next election.

  • KRELL427

    The Clinton’s should be tried and jailed in Haiti. I’m sure they would be treated like they deserve.

  • AgShaman

    Another top shelf interview. I got a 20 clownbux bet with a friend that Clinton, via sabotage or some other way, will be selected the next POTUS.

    I would be glad to kiss that 20 goodbye.

    Most amerikwans cannot deal with losing power or going without starbucks…what will they do about evil incarnate (Hillary) having Phil Collins access to the “buttons”

  • Val

    Dear Americans,
    We, most of the world, have our eyes on the upcoming election in your country. Much is at stake in this presidential election. Please vote. And vote wisely. It is in everybody´s interest that America gets rid of the corruption in the system and leads again as a strong, fair, honorable and great nation.

    • Ed_B

      Dear Val. You have no idea just how many of us Americans share your sentiment. But, like many other nations, our ability to control those in power is severely limited by the drastic measures they are willing to take. We have the same power over our government as you do, which is to say NONE. 🙁

  • rich

    What ever happened to this?

    Hillary Clinton is looking into it…….

    did she forget? I didn’t.

  • Howard Roark


  • Millicent

    Clintons, Soros, Kissinger, Zbig, Cheney, Bush Sr., etc. These evil geriatric clones are all on the way to their just rewards. Who will take up their mantel? Idiots like that jerk-off Morell who was threatening Assad? My point is that as they know they are all dying off they are becoming increasingly desperate. Cornered animals are the most dangerous…

    • John

      The Clintons, Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Cheney, and Mike Morell are all members of the Rockefeller/CFR which pulls the strings. Every Fed chairman since WW2 has been a CFR member, along with most secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, CIA, etc. Corporate sponsors include Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Exxon, Lockheed Martin, IBM and Time-Warner. See member lists at cfr dot org.

  • anon


    We can ONLY HOPE so.

    Americans, So Easily Controlled!

    Read the comments. Click on the links.

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