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Chinese-Russian Joint Naval Exercise Underway in South China Sea

from Rogue Money:

Caucuses 2016 exercises carried out in early September along Russia’s Black Sea coastline including in Crimea, September 2016. Note that the amount of guided missile-launching firepower, troops, armor and aviation Russia is putting on display with this ‘muscle flexing’ dwarfs what NATO minus Turkey can deploy to the same region through Romania and Ukraine.

The “Joint Sea-2016” exercise will feature surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters and marines, the Chinese navy said in a statement on Sunday on its official microblog.

The two countries will carry out defense, rescue and anti-submarine operations, as well as “island seizing” and other activities, it added.

Marines will participate in live-fire drills, island defense and landing operations in what will be the largest operation ever taken together by the two countries’ navies, the statement said.

China announced that it had called the “routine” naval exercise in July, saying the drills were aimed at strengthening cooperation and not aimed at any other country.

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