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China’s Coming Out Party

from Rogue Money:

The last couple of weeks have reflected a relatively sleepy period as the Summer of Chaos 2016 transitions into the “Expect The Unexpected” Fall of 2016. (thank you, W., for the new seasonal slogan!) Let’s highlight three developments that have suddenly congealed on the calendar:

1. Zbigniew Brzezinski practically concedes defeat of the old Grand Chessboard agenda. (linked here.)
2. This defeat largely a result of what Pepe Escobar now calls “The Double Pivot” as the new BMB alignment of Berlin-Moscow-Beijing becomes obvious. (linked here.)
3. The “Coming Out Party” for China gets ready to launch next week at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou and coincides with the first sale of the SDR Bond. (linked here and here.)

The pregnancy of the new global order appears to have reached its final trimester. I’m not going to tell you what to conclude about these developments nor make any prediction of what comes next. Right now, the feeling I get is that we need to just try to keep up with the flow without drowning in this accelerating tsunami. In that spirit, I give you below just a brief summary of those three data points and trust that you will follow the links and form your own opinions — which I know you will share in the Comments section down below.


His book “The Grand Chessboard” was published in 1997 as a public announcement of the roadmap that the New World Order intended to follow in its next step towards global domination. But men like Putin and Xi had other plans. Indeed, as Joseph P. Farrell has mentioned in radio interviews earlier this year, a divorce between the Kissinger faction and the Brzezinski faction appears to have taken place.

Even Brzezinski himself appears to be abandoning his own ship. Dr. Farrell quoted from this recent ZeroHedge article and brought that point to our attention:

The main architect of Washington’s plan to rule the world has abandoned the scheme and called for the forging of ties with Russia and China…. “The first of these verities is that the United States is still the world’s politically, economically, and militarily most powerful entity but, given complex geopolitical shifts in regional balances, it is no longer the globally imperial power.”

Dr. Farrell also posted a link to another editorial about this shocking about-face from Brzezinski (linked here.) The author just comes right out and says it … the guy is scared:

Brzezinski sees both the growing weakness of the United States government and the increasing strength of Russia and China. Barely hidden under the surface, Brzezinski’s message to the United States government is: start forming partnerships or become irrelevant…or worse.

Now, there are many reasons for Zbigniew’s “come to Lucifer” moment, but one not mentioned above could be the one that Pepe Escobar has certainly not shied away from: say hello to the Double Pivot.


Again we must give credit to Jim Willie who theorized, at least two years ago, that the two “wild cards” to watch for would be potential pivots eastward by Germany and Turkey. What have we seen in the past month? Out of nowhere, Erdogan is now thumbing his nose at NATO day after day. He has likewise experienced his “come to Allah” moment as he whiffs all the future profit potential blowing from the Eurasian Economic Union.

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