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Charity Food After A True SHTF Hard Collapse

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Here’s something to think about… For those of you who are stocking up with extra food, or for those who have already stocked up with extra food in preparation for a time of hard societal collapse with distribution failures and severe shortages…

Have you planned for ‘extra’ food storage beyond that which you need for yourself in order to feed others than just your immediate household?

‘If’ there comes a time when we’re truly living under a SHTF collapse, there WILL come a time when others will come a knocking on your door.

Some of you may have extra food storage in order to help feed one of (or more than one of) your specific relatives, friends, or neighbors.

Some of you may keep extra food storage in order to feed someone else who may have specific ‘assets’ or talents – helping with the chores and work that will go into running a homestead – which requires ‘bodies’ to keep it all safe, etc..

Some of you may keep extra food storage to feed others simply out of ‘charity’.

There are risks as well as potential benefits to feeding others during a scenario of complete societal collapse and supply-chain failures.

For example after the first free meal where would that person (or persons) go for the following meal if they thought you had more. Would they tell others? Would it spiral out of control or might it result in others coming to take your food by force? How long will the human being remain civil until such time that the human being turns predator?

There’s no doubt that some people could become valuable assets to your homestead during a time of collapse, and by feeding that person (or persons) in exchange for work – could be a ‘win-win’.

Many homes today are housed by two people, husband and wife. Some maybe with a few kids. How are two people going to maintain security and production around the homestead under severe collapse conditions? If you have stored ‘extra’ food beyond the immediate needs for just the two of you, will you let anyone else in so as to help with survivability? Have you thought about it?

I bring this up in order to get you thinking about the likelihood, and to decide whether or not you might store ‘extra’ food to feed others than just your household. It is a topic that we all might face ‘if’ the SHTF for real.

Another thought: If you are determined that you will NOT be feeding anyone else (other than your household), do you then believe that you will be adequately secure in your security and defense? This question is really one for yet another article, but it does directly tie in with the notion of having enough extra food to support ‘enough’ people to maintain security and production…

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8 comments to Charity Food After A True SHTF Hard Collapse

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Loose Lips Sink Ships. Rumors going around about “who has lots of food” is going to get people murdered in their own homes when the desperately hungry Darwinites come looking for the food they are sure you posses.

    Having some “charity” food emergency supplies for somebody that you decide to feed, be sure that no knowledge of ANY food or prepping supplies or lifestyle gets out there.

    Picking up canned veggies (2 for $1) can often be found (such as Dollar General, etc) Beans, rice, meats have the highest calories per can (to survive, people need at least 1200 calories or more. Active people, full work, etc, requires more than 2000 calories per day.

    Stocking up on enough extra food (and toilet paper, etc) for 2 extra people, can be done pretty cheaply. You will need a MINIMUM of 3 or 4 months supply so your “guests” can start tilling their own garden space RIGHT AWAY,and get some seeds planted and growing.

    Food crops start arriving, in a couple months (Salads, raddishes, etc), but the main items take from 90-120 days. Canning supplies and methods of sun-dried dehydrating will be required.

    The COST of feeding 2 adults (with at least 1400-1800 calories per day), for about 3 months, will cost as little as $200 or $300.

    Walmart (and other grocery stores) you can buy those BIG, cheap, WHITE rice, 20 pound bags for just $10. Pick up 1 or 2 bags per person for 3 months supply.

    Oatmeal, grits (grits have a short shelf life, but if you put them into AIR TIGHT container or freezer bags with an OXYGEN ABOSRBER, then you’ll “probably” extend the shelf life to MORE than 5 years),,, canned beans, DRY beans (pinto, reds, white, lentils, etc), and to flavour things up, you’ll HAVE to get at least 12 cans of the “Hunt’s Spaghetti sauces” PER 20 pounds of rice. (don’t forget spices, salts, garlic, flavorings, liquid smoke, a bit of brown sugar, vinegar, mustard, ketchup, etc.)

    Pick up a bunch of those single serving packs of Apple sauces (I like the Cinnamon, strawberry, etc), they have a pretty good shelf life, don’t need to be refrigerated, etc), and pick up various HARD CANDIES, other snacks, SPAM, canned FRUITS in HEAVY SYRUP (because the syrup makes a nice DRINK when you mix it with Water!)…canned Tamales, etc. Cooking oil, etc.

    Stay away from “Non Fat, Sugar Free, Low Fat items” because you’re gonna need ALL the calories you can get.

    Those various things, will keep your meals from getting TOO boring. Cocoa powder, KoolAid powder, etc, will alwo be helpful. 10-20 pounds of white sugar per person, 5 gallons or MORE “white Vinegar” per person (so they can start making PICKLED veggies to survive for a YEAR or longer!

    When you stock up on BULK items, will be helpful, such as BULK survival seed paks on Amazon or Ebay, Bulk Pickling Spice (25 pound box) from is the BEST bulk price I’ve found (and you can PLANT and grow many of those seeds to GROW you own pickling-cooking spices!

    Extra bags of garden Fertilizers/ bug chems, trace elements (calcium, iron, sulfur, lime, etc) Don’t forget plenty of extra canning lids, jars, rings, freezer bags, DIY solar oven, and FILL UP those EMPTY Mason Jars with DRINKING water!

    Extra Garden TOOLS.

    Think ahead of how things will devolve when the POWER grid, gas, water, etc are DOWN. You’ll need to REPAIR those window screens!!!

    Pick up some of those MOSQUITO BED NETS (and when you put UP the bed need, you insert a “Hoola Hoop” near the ceiling and that will help to OPEN and SPREAD the net OPEN over the bed.

    Those bed nets are NOT expensive. Grab your credit card, and order MORE than one per bed, so when they eventually get ripped, you can replace it.

    Go to Walmart and order some of the Big Cans of Dehydrated veggies, powdered milk, cheese, eggs, meat substitutes, etc, from the AUGASON FARMS selections! They have self life of 10-20 years!!! Best prices I’ve found are Walmart, Sams, etc.

    If you dedicate $400-500 to these supplies, then you AND your guests will be pretty good, and if NO GUESTS arrive? You’ll have more food for yourself.

    Repair (or install) your perimeter fences. Fence in your garden area to help reduce critter damage, and lay 10-12″ flat on the ground (facing out) to prevent critters from digging down.

    I went so far as to dig a 12″ deep TRENCH around the garden and inserted 12″ wide (1/2″ mesh) galvanized wire mesh to prevent moles from getting into my garden too easy, rats, rabbits, etc.

  • jason dewitt

    Forget brown sugar. It does not store well due to high moisture content. Store white sugar and molasses and make your own brown sugar as you need it.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Great advice, and yes, the brown sugar does have TOO much moisture content, and probably won’t store well after 8-16 months.

      I did not consider being able to make my own brown sugar from white sugar & molasses. That’s a GREAT idea.

      I had wondered also, if I stored brown sugar in a good, airtight container AND inserted an OXYGEN ABSORBER into it, so that there would be NO oxygen to make the moisture react with anything?

      What do you think?

      • jason dewitt

        See my next post.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          Sorry to say we got no Mormon canneries around here. I did a bit of “Googling research” and found several who say that brown sugar lasts as long as white sugar, but gets hard when it loses its moisture content, storing in water tight jars works well for others.

          Oxygen absorbers don’t require a vacuum, but sucking out excess air from the mylar bags before sealing with an O2 absorber inside is best.

          I did more hunting and learned that the Augason farms products are indeed a Mormon family business.

          I learned about “canned bread” (is not considered “safe” to do it at home) but B&M makes some canned breads, and the best price I found was their RAISIN BREAD at–

          I’m gonna order a pack of TEN of them. Someday, (before they expire), I’m sure to be glad to have them.

          Augason Farms sells some plastic pails filled with harvested wheat (hard red & hard white, etc) and comes with a shelf life of about 20 years! (oxygen absorbers, of course).

          I believe that dehydrated foods retain more of their nutrition than canned goods.
          Augason has quite a large selection, including powdered milk with the longest “Freshness dates” I have ever seen.

          Powdered Eggs, powdered BUTTER, dehydrated foods, etc. They ship them out in boxes made exactly that hold 3 cans & 6 cans. If you deviate from this, the empty space will be filled with crumpled brown paper or whatever they are using at the time. I already have some of those big (No. 10) cans stocked up. I want to order more of their long term foods. Well labeled with detailed information.

          If I could find a decent price on a well made, durable flour mill, hand or electric, I’d like to get one, but they are either very small and flimsy, or they get expensive very quickly. The Little Jr. looks pretty decent. There are some “less outrageous” prices on the 1-3HP models at Alibaba (China’s Amazon), for between $350-500 (ouch).

          If I was running a mom & pop bakery, I’d get one of those Chinese models for making fresh flour every day for my breads, cakes, etc.

          I planted a few small olive trees, (they’re only 2ft tall right now), but already have a handful of olives growing on 2 of the 3. If I can be successful with them, I’d plant more and make or buy a small “olive press”/Peanut Press, etc.

  • jason dewitt

    I’ve heard both pros and cons about self storing it after vacuum sealing. Honestly can’t comment on how well it would keep as I make my own even for current use. Depending on how much molasses you use depends on whether you get light brown or dark brown sugar and the taste blows away commercial types.

    Another option is to buy pre-canned brown sugar. Both Saratoga Farms and Augason Farms produce canned brown sugar in #10 cans which have shelf life of 20+ years. You can get Augason Farms from Walmart but they tend to be on the expensive side. You can find it for almost half their price by doing an internet search.

    Another valuable tip is to find out if there is a Mormon Cannery near you. (Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). You can call them to find out. Part of their religion is to have foods stores to last themselves for extended periods of time. They sell to everyone regardless of religious beliefs so you don’t need to worry about someone trying to convert you to their religion.

    Very nice people and they supply tons of different canned items at very low cost. You can buy flour, wheat, oatmeal, rice, several types of dry beans, carrots, macaroni, onions, sugar and more. Almost all are canned in #10 cans for easy storage. If you’re lucky enough to have one locally you’ll save a lot of money over buying commercially. Cheers.

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