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Central Banks Buying Mining Shares – They Plan to Own the Planet: Louis Cammarosano of Smaul GLD

from Wealth Research Group:

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5 comments to Central Banks Buying Mining Shares – They Plan to Own the Planet: Louis Cammarosano of Smaul GLD

  • Eye

    That was a great interview with a lot of knowledge and insight of what the central banks have in store. Thanks for sharing your insight about the central bankers still having control and how china is patiencely waiting their turn to take over.

  • More Smaulgld, less SRSRocco, please.

  • anon

    Yes the do plan to OWN THE PLANET. In fact, in their minds, they already do (own it).

    For those who can’t open their minds to inter-generational obscenely wealthy families, such as the Warburg Family (descendants of the 16th Century VENETIAN “Del Banco” Family) of which Paul Warburg was a member, who was also a key co-creator of the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” in 1913! Ummm… Let’s see… 16th Century Family from VENICE, the “Del Banco” Family, has a descendant who creates the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” in 1913, in AMERICA? WTF!?

    Visit, and read this:….

    “A Secret Society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world”

    Listen to episode #15 of ARK MIDNIGHT ~ which should be posted to youtube sometime tomorrow (9/18/2016) (Just go to youtube and type in “Ark Midnight” and it’s episode #15). It’s a two-hour show, and John B. Wells interviews CHARLES SAVOIE of, about the Pilgrims Society of Great Britain (est. 1902) and the Pilgrims Society of the United States (est. 1903) ~ “A Secret Society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world.” These “Pilgrims” are right in the heart of the “Committee of 300″/Crown Corporation/”Jew” (Rothschild) World Order.

  • anon

    Can you believe it? Not only do they CONFISCATE gold and silver via their puppets in government, but they also buy mining shares to own the mines! Meanwhile, they continue to print up paper, with some ink on it (which doesn’t even have great art-work on it!, but looks “official”), call it “money”, and print it endlessly, and use it to bail out themselves and their cronies, and just add it to the “National Debt”.

    Now, THAT, is called JOB SECURITY. But, you see, you have to be A MEMBER of the “International Khazarian Mafia” or “La Kosher Nostra Internationale” (Western International Central Bankers/”Committee of 300″/Crown Corporation/”Jew” (Rothschild) World Order MAFIA, in order to have that kind of job security.

    Hey, here’s some paper with some ink on it. It’s real “money”. Say, I’ll take that “barbaric relic” (gold coin, or silver bullion) from you for this much paper (“money”) . Sound good? But, if you won’t, that’s ok, because I can get my government puppets (goons) to take it from you, and hand it over to me, anyway, for “national security”. What a f#@$-ing racket!

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