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Burning Man 2016 in 360 Degrees VR

from WeAreChange:

To change things up Luke Rudkowski gives you a 360 degree immersive experience at Burning Man. We show you just some of the things we have seen there so strap on your VR goggles or get your mouse ready to see everything all around you at Burning Man.

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1 comment to Burning Man 2016 in 360 Degrees VR

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Burning Man!!! Wow. When I googled the images for it, it looks like a “super duper Woodstock concert” for ALL ages and even more nudity and artistic fun stuff. This event is not for “stuffy, uptight, rigid people”.

    Mormons, Baptists, Bible Thumpers need not attend (it looks like too much fun).

    The traffic jams were the one thing I’d hate to deal with.

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