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BREAKING – Possible Assassination Attempt On Vladimir Putin – Horrific Car Crash – Driver Killed

from Victurus Libertas:

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7 comments to BREAKING – Possible Assassination Attempt On Vladimir Putin – Horrific Car Crash – Driver Killed

    • KRELL427

      Eric,it’s just some company trying to pump precious metals sales according to Millicent.

      • Eric


        Millicent said we’re all being conned. But she can’t explain how.

        I think I better run out and sell all my Gold and Silver for yummy paper.

        • Howard Roark

          I just dumped all my phyzz for precious, precious mips…I can breathe easy now.

        • Kakistocracy

          Millicent is correct.

          We are ALL BEING CONNED.


          Very simple that it is often overlooked:

          DEBT-based currrency owed to a private Europen Jewish Family.
          Over the centuries this family has accumulated a wealth greater than $100 TRILLION in real estate, corporations, intel agencies, media, governments, imaginations.

          Because the FEDERAL RESERVE, Bank of Canada, Bank of England, ECB, Bank of Japan are OWNED by the Rothschild Family.

          THey have UNLIMITED WEALTH.
          WHen your currency is a SCAM, eventually everything reverts to that base fundamental concept: SCAM=Debt based currency Rothschild.

          ALL ROADS.

          • KRELL427

            Yes we are all being conned into thinking paper assets equals wealth. If you do not prepare accordingly say goodbye to your hard earned wealth.

  • CalSailX

    Opps… not to worry kids it’s not as if the software in your car could be used to kiil you. For those that don’t understand, well hell that might seem crazy.

    Kids what was the name of that guy that sent a BMW engine what was that a 100-150 yrds down the street. The story was fine until the camera footage came out, and the it was hand them the shovel and dare them to dig!

    Honestly at this point if you have any connections with Soros or his NGO’s or maybe just the CFR, you might have become a lying sack of shit yourself. Just by letting yourself get painted by that same ugly brush. Their is almost 4000 plus members of the CFR that I know of.

    Who the hell wants to hang them all when they can give you enough information to throw a hammer down a few times, and with the crack of skull… from that blood line never again an answer.

    I’ve worked with the “real rich and stupid”… I didn’t last long. Letting a twenty year old kid take the ass beating he needed, may not get your contract renewed.

    Personally I’m an old man, I’ve seen things no-one should see.

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