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BREAKING – Hillary Coughing Fit AGAIN Today 9-7-16

from Prophetic Times:

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2 comments to BREAKING – Hillary Coughing Fit AGAIN Today 9-7-16

  • Scott

    His “green goo” sure looks like a cough drop to me.

  • Guido

    This guy is one reason why some in the alt-media have credibility problems. The same could be said for Infowars and others, none of whom did their homework before deciding to post the clip of Clinton having a coughing fit during the Breakfast Club interview.

    The fit did NOT happen today, as reported. It didn’t even happen yesterday. It happened on April 18. The full 26-minute interview with Clinton could be found on YouTube, as well as a very short version of Clinton having the fit. It’s the shorter version that sites are running with. It would only take a small amount of homework to discover this. It took me less then 5 minutes. In other words, before these sites incorporate info into their programs, it would be wise to cross check it first to verify particulars.

    In the grand scheme of things, it hardly matters. The woman is obviously ill, and clips like these need to be posted in order to establish that she has a pattern of this type of behavior. But unless the alt-media crosses their T’s and dots their I’s, this is the kind of stuff that will be exploited, resulting in a loss of credibility. We have them on the ropes, it would be a shame to blow it now with something that’s so easily avoidable.

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