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by James Perloff, James

Books are periodically sent to me, or recommended by readers—more, unfortunately, than I’ve been able to keep up with. I just finished one, however, that cried “book review”.

The U.S. government long claimed it dropped A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because only this would convince Japan to end the Second World War, and that it “spared millions of lives” which allegedly would have been lost had America been forced to invade the islands.

I’ve known this was a lie ever since reading Dr. Anthony Kubek’s 1963 classic How the Far East Was Lost. Japan had, in fact, already offered to surrender on virtually the same terms we approved at war’s end.1 America demanded “unconditional surrender.” The Japanese were willing to accept this, but wanted to salvage onecondition—to retain their emperor. Since we wound up granting that condition anyway, the dropping of A-bombs does not square with the public justification at all.

Establishment historians have tried offering an alternative explanation: President Harry Truman, aware of an impending cold war with Russia, wanted to demonstrate the A-bomb’s power in order to frighten Stalin.

However, this is equally bogus. In 1952, Major George Racey Jordan, a Lend-Lease expediter during the war, revealed that the Roosevelt-Truman administration had shipped the Soviet Union both the blueprints and materials for making the atomic bomb. This high-level treason, done on express orders from Harry Hopkins (White House front man for Zionist bankster Bernard Baruch), was detailed in Jordan’s bookFrom Major Jordan’s Diaries.


It made no sense that these people, who were gifting Stalin the A-bomb on a silver platter, would also try to “frighten” him with it. Establishment media’s image of Truman as “Cold War warrior” is myth. As documented in Kubek’s book noted above, the Truman State Department went into overdrive helping put Mao Tse-tung and the communists into power in China, so much so that even Capitol Hill Democrats condemned the President for it, including young Congressman John F. Kennedy.2Truman did not send over 30,000 American soldiers to their deaths in the Korean War in order to “fight Communism,” but to validate the UN as a “peacekeeper” and to set a permanent precedent for by-passing Congress’s Constitutional authority to declare war. A 33rd degree Freemason who was the 33rd U.S. President, Truman also served Zionism with servility, recognizing Israel within minutes of its declaration of statehood, after AIPAC founder Abraham Feinberg gave him $2 million in a suitcase, discussed in another post on this site.

So why did Truman’s controllers order Japan’s nuclear bombing? As I have grown increasingly aware of the ruthless Talmudic psychopathology of the Powers that Be, I cynically confided to friends, “I think they enjoyed it.” But after discovering David Dionisi’s Atomic Bomb Secrets, we can be much more specific. This well-written, 217-page gem, documented with 496 end-notes, blows the lid off the sordid episode.

A ground-breaking detail I learned from Dionisi is the A-bomb’s role in Korea’s division into North and South. I’ve discussed the artificial justification for this division elsewhere, but Dionisi elaborates that Japanese scientists were developing their own atomic bomb. After initial research in Japan, the project was transferred to the Konan region of northern Korea (then a Japanese protectorate). This area was selected for multiple reasons: availability of uranium, the power the Chosin dams could generate, and (perhaps most importantly) keeping away from American bombers.

Giving the Soviet Union postwar control of North Korea (allegedly its reward for a mere five-days’ participation in the Pacific War) now makes far more sense. Not only was the cabal handing Stalin the plans and materials for the atomic bomb, they were giving him Japan’s installations for making one.

But Dionisi solves much more, especially the mystery of why Nagasaki was targeted.

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  • aa

    Japan was ready to surrender and nuking them was totally unnecessary. Reading Richard Marbury’s World War 1, World War 2 and The Thousand Years War in the Middle East and How it affects you today” was a real wake up call for me. Marbury places the blame squarely on politicians and in his view they are the most wicked and corrupt life form on the planet. We know it goes deeper than just politicians but without their cooperation the dark state could have never gained control. So they may indeed be the lowest slithering slime on the planet.

  • To understand the reason we dropped those bombs just talk to any Veteran of the Pacific fighting, and particularly anyone who was a Jap POW or prisoner. I remember their stories from my childhood so even if the “experts” don’t know those bombs were payback, the Japs know and so do the Vets who beat them.

    • aa

      Your not telling me anything i don’t know. I was born in 1947 and spent 4 year in the Marine Corps from 1965 to 1969 with 2 years in Viet Nam. I knew many world war 2 veterans growing up and my best friends dad was on Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima among others. Naturally there were many World War 2 veterans of the Pacific campaigns who were still in the Marine Corps when I was in. Nobody has more respect for the veterans of the Pacific campaigns and the European campaigns than me. This “Payback” as you call it was on 200,000 innocents and non participants many of which were children. No decent man wants “payback” on innocents who didn’t do anything to him. Besides as the article said and I have read elsewhere the Japanese had already agreed to terms of surrender. Did you even read the article or any serious books which are not written by establishment writers or do you just assume anything the US Banker controlled Government does is righteous and not to be questioned. Wars are brutal and the Japanese committed many horrific atrocities but they don’t have a corner on the brutality market. There was an appalling abundance of brutality in both World Wars and throughout all the rest of history as well. Have you ever read how all the wars of the 20th century started and who started them and why? or do you refuse to think and just accept the party line.

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