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Bakery Refuses To Write “TRUMP 2016” On Birthday Cake

from The Alex Jones Channel:

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6 comments to Bakery Refuses To Write “TRUMP 2016” On Birthday Cake

  • malcolm

    Gee WOW That really is the Icing on the cake or not as it may appear LOLOLOL

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    As is their right unless you’re some gay couple who need a safe room cos they’ve been triggered.

  • Guido

    Left, right or center, leave your bias at the door, America. We cannot truthfully call it free-enterprise or brag about the virtues of such if businesses are not allowed the freedom to make such decisions without fear of government reprisal, as aggravating a thing as it may be to any one group, ideology, religion, etc. at any given time. Actions speak louder than words, after all. Freedom and liberty must always take precedence over political correctness, whatever flavor it happens to be.

  • d

    A lost sale…and now some business for another baker…a free market at work….and as we all can see..a ONE sided Government at work……since the Government did not REQUIRE a sale to take place in THIS transaction…only in others of their choosing….imho….

    • Guido

      Exactly, it’s only free-market when the government decides that it is. Everyone has a motive for the wrong reasons. Being bias cuts both ways.

  • Eric

    This seems highly racist. Someone call the department of injustice and tell them to prosecute this racist bakery.

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