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ARE YOU READY FOR THE END GAME? […It’s Coming] — Andy Hoffman


Andy Hoffman is back to kick off September by helping us document the collapse. From 6.2 BILLION in PAPER Gold dumped on the futures market in just the past week to BREXIT 2 which Andy predicts is coming in November when Trump beats Hillary, the end game is coming into focus quickly.

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31 comments to ARE YOU READY FOR THE END GAME? […It’s Coming] — Andy Hoffman

    • Johan

      Wow, that’s it for ammo. Hope your all stacked already

      • CalSailX

        Looks like for at least the moment the ATF has taken a step back. I guess even those clowns don’t like to look too awful silly. That or someone at the DOD put one up side their head.

        Nitrocellulose – Update

        ATF’s June 2016 Explosives Industry Newsletter included a brief discussion of Nitrocellulose, and attempted to clarify the circumstances under which wetted Nitrocellulose is considered a high explosive under 27 CFR, Part 555. As with all explosives, ATF’s focus is on the potential public safety risks associated with materials that can be misused or diverted to unlawful purposes. Subsequent contact from industry members who import, transport, store or employ wetted Nitrocellulose in the production of ammunition, however, has brought to our attention issues that were not fully addressed in the Newsletter and require further consultation and consideration with the industry. Accordingly, ATF has and will conduct further industry outreach concerning wetted Nitrocellulose. In the interim, previously authorized industry practices concerning wetted Nitrocellulose will not be affected.

      • Steelerdude

        Time to make our own ammo or sign the petitions to let our congressmen know this isnt right.

        Go out to the desert, and gather all the empties you can find, buy the caps that fit asap and
        visit mexico for the powder…

      • Eric

        Rob Kirby | The Gold Cupboards are Bare & New Silver Buyers Forcing the …

    • Steelerdude

      Thinking and watching the clouds roll past me….

      when Andy refuses an interview, we are in deep poop!

      there is your indicator!

  • Millicent

    Andy, you’ll be going and it will still be “coming”.
    I understand that you have to make a living pumping metal… good luck.

  • B.M.


    Regarding your comments about Leonard Brzezinski, take a read on an article just posted by Jeff Berwick at Dollar Vigilante:

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    IT is possible to make your PERCUSSION caps (typically they punch out little “cups” from soda or beer cans), and use some of those “paper roll caps” from toy guns, as the “bang” component.
    But those toy-gun paper-roll-caps don’t have enough “oomph” to set off some types of muzzle loaders, and the safety matches trick should be much better.

    Red phosphorus is dangerous when mixed with any of the nitrates or several other “things”.
    Makers, even back in the 1800’s (and even today) sometimes blow up the warehouse, home, or self when creating these potentially dangerous things.

    But, if ammunition is outlawed or impossible to get, then the only people who will have a new supply will be the people who make their own stuff.

    Ammonium nitrate is easier to get (fertilizer, Urea, etc) and of course, it’s not hard to convert ammonium nitrate into potassium nitrate if you were paying attention to what was happening in the top video on this post. And hey, Google and other search engines can provide you with the links on how to do this.

    The bad thing about all black powder (and much of the primer material) is that it’s “corrosive” (it will start eating way and RUSTING your metal gun parts as soon as you pull the trigger). Black powder itself, does absorb moisture from the air. Ammonium nitrate is worse for this than the potassium nitrate.

    I am NOT a genius, but I know how to READ information posted by smarter people.

    It’s amazing how so many people can be SO stupid. Just watching a few “Mark Dice” videos should tell you that.

    It’s amazing mankind made it this far. Making “muzzle loading” powder or caps etc. has resulted in many deaths over the years. Sometimes from static electricity, sometimes from many other accidental things. The stuff is sensitive to sparks and shocks, and humidity makes some of it “unstable”, etc. Moisture also makes some of it “a DUD”.

    Just look at the stories about fireworks factories that blow up and kill a dozen people and level entire buildings. And there are actually some Darwin (Mark Dice) type of idiots who do reloading in the same room where they smoke cigarettes. Or perhaps have a couple of beers while working with this stuff (and end up burning the house down, or getting a ‘double charge’ into a shell casing, and blow up their $1000 gun.)

    Heck, people even get themselves killed with STORE BOUGHT stuff. Lose their eyes, burn their hands or faces, blow off a hand or some fingers.

    Back in the OLDEN days when they made nitroglycerine for dynamite, etc, the poor guy who had the BORING job of sitting there to “baby sit” the tedious process, would fall asleep, things would overflow and BANG. So they quickly learned to supply him ONLY with a ONE-LEGGED STOOL so that if he got sleepy (and they always did), they’d lose their balance and fall over and wake up again and be reminded to PAY attention or die.)

    Those “shacks” were LIGHTLY constructed to EASILY fall apart (blow apart) so that if there was an accidental explosion, the shack would NOT hold together (the blast pressure) and kill everybody so easy, and might actually allow in guys inside a better chance of survival because all the walls and roof would blow apart SO easy.

    Consider how many people kill themselves with live electrical circuits, or drive off the cliff because they blindly obey the voice of the GPS, etc. There are plenty of “entertaining” youtube videos of people doing stupid stuff and getting some kind of “reward” for their actions.

    Hey, if you haven’t seen the Movie “Idiocracy”, Google it, find some way to watch it. Yes it’s “cheesy, corny, childish, etc”, but it’s also funny, clever, and it’s SAD to know that even though it was made to be funny, it’s also an “accidental documentary” of just how STUPID we are becoming. (yes, it only got 6.6 stars exactly because it’s cheesy & corny, etc… but you’ll be glad you watched it, if just to laugh at how people can evolve in the WRONG direction.)

  • Mike from the North

    Who do you think is more trustworthy? Andy Hoffman, Bill Holter and the many others who take much heat for telling it as they see it.

    Or do you believe that the record of the bankers and politicians show that they are more likely to tell us the truth and have our backs in the event of financial reset that must come and is coming?

    If you do not believe a reset will occur then maybe you need to research a little history and add up the times this has already occurred by stealth since 1913.

    If you are not concerned or even afraid of what must come then you may be looking at a foolish person in the morning when you look in the mirror.

    If you are not prepared are you prepared to tell your children and grand children that you are sorry for not being a man and taking care of business when you had a chance to do the right and prudent thing.

    Just look at how much is being hidden from us by not being discussed by the MSM. That alone should throw up a whole bunch of red flags for you.

    The most dangerous job to have right now is likely a financial planner. How many financial planners are investigating both sides of the story in their requirement to provide sound money recommendations to their clients?

    Wake up your friends..time is very short I suspect.

      • Mike from the North

        You either get it or you don’t.

        If you do not understand the risks that are facing the world today then you likely have not done sufficient research to be adequately informed.

        I do not dwell on the negative because I am too busy building a residual income business.

        Just be prepared at hope things work out in the meantime live life like today is the beginning of the rest of your life.

      • Ed_B

        Agreed @Krell. MFTN definitely has his stuff together. His following comment of “You either get it or you don’t” is perfect. Yes, it really IS just that simple and it can stem from something as simple as asking people “Is it better to be prepared for hard times or not?”. Very few people these days consider that hard times are even possible anymore. Well, let me be among those breaking this news… THEY ARE! And we are headed that way just as hard and fast as we can go. Our “leaders” have seen to that and they continue to see to it. Anyone thinking that our leaders will come to their rescue is nurturing a false hope. No one is coming to rescue us from ourselves BUT ourselves. Nature simply doesn’t work that way, much as some of us would like it to do just that.

        If you want to see who is coming to rescue us from our own mistakes, look in the nearest mirror. THAT is the person who can save your butt from hard times but ONLY if that person is ready, willing, and able to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work of preparing for those hard times. As many have said, “It is better to be years too early than minutes too late”. When the SHTF, there won’t be ANY time left to do what should have been done months and years BEFORE the SHTF. There won’t be ANY do-overs at that point. What we have then will be what we have to get through some very hard years and on to better times. MANY people will not survive the coming SHTF times. I am sorry that this is so but then there was nothing stopping them from protecting themselves other than themselves.

        As for the parents who are adults and making all the decisions on this and other critical matters, I have no sympathy. But I do have a great deal of sympathy for their children. They have no say in any of this and will suffer terribly thanks to the incompetence of their parents. If I have extra supplies and preps, I will share some of them with the children. But the parents have made their choices and will have to live with them. To do more than this would jeopardize my own family and that’s just not going to happen.

        When I make a mistake, I have to pay for that mistake. No one rides to my rescue. This causes me to think VERY carefully before I make my decisions, which means that I make very few serious errors. Others often do not do this, make grievous errors in planning their lives or fail to plan at all, and will suffer for those errors. I am sorry for that but will not allow their needs to trump those of my own family. Life is all about making choices, so make the best ones you can and reap the benefits rather than suffering the consequences.

        Got preps?

        • Mike from the North

          Thank You for the kind words.
          Yellen and crew frankly are nowhere as smart as they lead us to believe.
          What motivates them is thier desire to manage a Ponzi scheme by using strategies that got us into this mess to begin with…..
          The foundation of economies world wide are changing (oil sector based economies as an example).
          You can only expect one outcome of manipulation of markets and commodities…
          That outcome will be the eventual return to sound money policies.
          If we as individuals have all of our assets within the Ponzi and little outside in real money (gold and silver)we will emerge at the other end of the tunnel with little if anything.
          As one poster always have the option of being ahead of the curve (being early)but you do not have the option of being 1 day too late.
          I do not have a pension. Never thought the day would come that not having a pension might be good thing.
          If it is to me it is up to me.
          That is why I do what I do.
          Building a residual income business and owning assets outside of the Ponzi is my way of surviving what will eventually come to pass.
          The man that believes Governments will take care of him looks at a fool everytime he looks in a mirror.

          • Ed_B

            @Mike from the North…

            No problem on the kind words. They were well earned, well deserved. 🙂

            Also agree with you on the changing economies around the world. One just HAS to wonder how long Venezuela can continue its staggering towards complete collapse and utter social chaos? Will the rest of the world do anything about this or just shake their heads and watch it happen?

            The MSM / Financial News channels used to mention the Baltic Dry Index and what a wonderful symbol of a vibrant world economy it was. That was back in the days when it was over 11,000. Now that it is under 700? Not so much. In fact, I have not heard a single mention of this index in well over a year. Why is that? Could it be that it no longer fits the recovery / green shoots narrative? Why, yes, it could… and it IS!

            The central banks may be one of the last and largest repositories of hubris remaining on planet Earth. These people really do think that they are smarter than Mr. Market. Problem with that is that NO ONE is smarter than Mr. Market. That these economists and bankers think that they are in spite of their abysmal results, just shows how very far out of touch with reality they are.

            Japan is a great case in point. It is about as clear as anything that if what their central bank was doing was correct, Japan should not still be mired in recession as it has been for the past 20-25 YEARS. Things that are going to work do so LONG before this. But what is their solution? They are doing even more of what has already proved not to work. Amazing… simply amazing. All that education and not a bit of common sense among them. Whatever they are doing, folks, it is not gonna end well.

            As to the return to honest money… that won’t happen until ALL else that can be done has been tried and failed. This is so because dishonest people abhor honest money. It makes their thieving MUCH more difficult. They actually (gasp!) have to work at it rather than simply set up a fiat paper Ponzi debt scheme and then sit back and watch all the free money pour into their hands.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    if they outlaw ammo, etc…it’s not too hard to make your own black powder.
    For anybody who sees the potential benefit of muzzle loader guns, civil war era type of revolvers (both handgun & rifle types). Just do some research how they did it in the all the way back, even before the 1500’s.

    …..Here’s a guy who reloads his own bullet primers (and yes, it looks like there is some danger to it). I believe the “red powder” might be some kindaphosphorus?
    He packs the dry, loose powder into the primers, and I wonder if this stuff might “shake or vibrate” out of the primer cup? Perhaps (as an experiment), putting a 1/4 drop of alcohol into that primer (and allowed to dry over a day or two), might dissolve, and “glue” itself together so it won’t “shake out” during recoil?
    He never mentions wearing safety glasses or goggles, and he pushes on things with his bare finger. I’d advise you to find safer ways to get your flesh away from any possible “flash-bang” things.

  • glitter 1

    In response to those(suffering with Myopia),if Andy Hoffman was the Sales VP of a Shop Rite Supermarket,would he be considered a Food Pimper for promoting the lowest food prices in town!

  • Hoffman is starting to smell the coffee vis a vis cryptocurrencies. Like them or not, their place in the international monetary system (like gold’s) is desired by TPTB and an inevitability.

    I can’t help but chuckle at the “preppers” in the comment section, always stocking up for an event perpetually on the horizon and a “revolution” yet (never?) to be fought. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as “prepared” as the next guy. Got my tools for self-defense, food and water for those I care about, live on a working homestead, am 100% off-grid with a kilowatt of solar and wind, a fairly deep knowledge of medicinals and how to make them, of course precious metals…

    …but I do these things as a) Basic “life” insurance, and b) To resist a technofeudal society where electricity, food distribution, and the ‘net at large are tightly controlled enterprises used as stimulus-response vehicles for controlling human autonomy. THIS is the world that’s on the horizon, the world “that the East will lead,” as so many say. A cyberpunk world.

    Fascist, techno-dictatorships like Singapore are our future. This is a video of what Singapore was over 15 years ago, and even then, they were further along in this process than we are today. Look at your future, beta-tested in Asia.

    Hollywood has indeed imagined our future, but it ain’t Mad Max. Instead, think Blade Runner – “Come to a better life in the Off-World Colonies,” robots, dictatorship by .gov/corporate algorithm. Are there slums in Blade Runner? Lots of ’em. Do the people in those slums probably wish they were “prepped”? Absolutely!

    But I bet they also wish they had the skills to operate in the high-tech society they find themselves in. If you’re not yet technologically-literate, if you don’t know the basics of how computers operate and how to program, you need to learn now.

    Over two decades ago now, Ted Kaczynski published his “Unamomber Manifesto,” also known as “Industrial Society and its Future.” He describes succinctly the world we exist in now, and his “solution” to such a society is known to all. Short of doing what he tried to do (kill all the engineers, destroy the tech, kill the technostructure and go back to nature – an impossibility) one HAS to know how to have some measure of control over our digital chains. One HAS to be involved in building a parallel structure to these technologies that are enslaving us. There is no other way out, and all the “beans, bullets, ‘n band-aids” in the world won’t save you from what’s coming.

  • aa

    Dynamite interview Shaun.

  • Millicent

    @craig the escapee…

    “the inability to critically think…”

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I get the impression that you think all this talk of “impending collapse” is a scare tactic for the PM dealers to sell more silver & gold?

      I get the idea that you see how the PM prices have not jumped to the moon, so it’s gotta be a scam when people say things are gonna crash?

      When I look at all the real events, and real numbers, and real situations that point to a collapse and that PM’s are going to go very high, I am doing my “critical thinking” when I ignore the false stories that try to paint everything as “ok”.

      The false narratives, that try to make people think PM’s are a scam, is what can be described as a “Potemkin Village”. It looks good on the outside, but behind the scenes it is rotten, empty, and falling apart.

      And for the collapse of Rome, Stephen Moleneux did a GREAT GREAT presentation on that subject, and much of it (most of it) stems from the “debasement” of their silver money, with less and less silver, and the same kind of government price controls, capital controls, taxes, etc, engaging in endless wars, etc. same like today.

      And even if parts of my critical thinking are flawed, there is no denying the fact that having a full year of food (and sufficient ammo, PM’s, and other home supplies) and a septic tank and my own well, these things will NEVER cause me to suffer and give me a large margin of safety in the event of a fiat money crash, credit & banking crash, food shortages like Venezeula, etc.

      None of my “stuff” will be wasted. I rotate all my food supplies (everything I buy is everything I eat.)

      So even if I was totally ‘fooled’ by the PM pushers, I still won’t lose anything (unless PM’s drop by 50-80%, but hey, paper money has already dropped more than 97% since 1913)… and all my FOOD supplies, were bought in advance before the prices went up. So I’m already saving money.

      When I see how the “gold markets” are levered with more than 100 claims for each physical ounce, and how D.B. recently broke a contract and did not hand over the gold to a gold customer, my critical thinking tells me that the PM’s are getting scarce.

      Germany demanded to get BACK their OWN gold (1400 tons) and yet the NY-FED said “You can’t have your own gold back again, and it will take YEARS and years, etc) My critical thinking tells me it’s GONE.

      But I do admit your postings have gotten sharper, better (even if I don’t agree with them, you have done a better job of presenting your own positions.)

      I hope you’ve noticed that I TRY to not ridicule people, but I will attack their “positions or logic” if I think it is wrong, and I usually try to back up MY position with the facts as I have seen them.

      • CalSailX

        @CED Can’t save them all, bet your ass the first lifeboat to leave the Titanic was floating pretty high. They are big boys and girls is how I look at it, and damn it the day the are force to grow the hell up isn’t one I look forward to!

  • mike

    Even though this guy is a nut bag about the Pilgrims and he burned you Jew hating authoritarian vile most unclean NAZIs, he is dead on about the secret stash…Guess Im not the only one to see clearly with my own eyes if the silver story was correct no matter the paper manipulation there would be ZERO physical available today.
    Now I think its the mines not reporting everything they mine or selling out the back door off the books or both. They have the most to gain from perceived rarity…Occam’s razor type of deal. like I said the Numba’s DONT ADD UP.

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