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America You Need To Lose Weight: At Least 1 Out Of Every 5 People Are Obese In All 50 States

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The United States officially has an obesity crisis. According to a brand new report that was just released by the Trust for America’s Health, at least one out of every five people meet the clinical definition for obesity in all 50 states. But of course in some states things are far worse than that. More than 35 percent of all adults are obese in four states, and the obesity rate is between 30 and 35 percent in 21 other states. And it is important to keep in mind that just needing to lose weight does not mean that you are obese. According to the CDC, you have got to have a body mass index of at least 30.0 to meet the clinical definition for obesity.

Each year, the American people spend 60 billion dollars on weight loss programs and products. That breaks down to about 188 dollars for every man, woman and child in the country. We are a nation that is absolutely obsessed with losing weight, and yet obesity levels are hovering near all-time record highs.

But some parts of the U.S. are definitely doing better than others. The following is an excerpt that comes directly from the new report

In 2015, Louisiana has the highest adult obesity rate at 36.2 percent and Colorado has the lowest at 20.2 percent. While rates remained steady for most states, they are still high across the board. The 13th annual report found that rates of obesity now exceed 35 percent in four states, are at or above 30 percent in 25 states and are above 20 percent in all states. In 1991, no state had a rate above 20 percent.

Did you catch that last part?

I put it in bold for a reason. To me, it is absolutely incredible that no state in the entire country had an obesity rate of more than 20 percent just 25 years ago.

How is that possible?

How could obesity explode to such a dramatic level in just a couple of decades?

Well, a lot of it has to do with what we eat and drink, and I will have some comments about that below. But first, let’s take a look at some more statistics from this new report. It turns out that there seems to be a significant link between obesity and poverty

9 of the 11 states with the highest obesity rates are in the South and 22 of the 25 states with the highest rates of obesity are in the South and Midwest.
10 of the 12 states with the highest rates of diabetes are in the South.
American Indian/Alaska Natives have an adult obesity rate of 42.3 percent.
Adult obesity rates are at or above 40 percent for Blacks in 14 states.
Adult obesity rates are at or above 30 percent in: 40 states and Washington, D.C. for Blacks; 29 states for Latinos; and 16 states for Whites.

The report also noted that it has been estimated that our obesity epidemic costs the United States somewhere between 147 billion dollars and 210 billion dollars every single year.

That is an enormous amount of money, and if we were all a bit healthier it would benefit our society tremendously.

Sadly, as a society we have fallen into some very bad habits. For example, the new report also found that the number of high school students that play video games for at least 3 hours per day “has increased more than 88 percent since 2003 (from 22.1 to 41.7 percent)”.

When I was in high school, almost all of the kids couldn’t wait to get outside and play after school. But these days most playgrounds are parks are eerily silent most of the time, and even if kids wanted to go use them the truth is that many of them aren’t very safe.

In the old days, parents could let their kids go outside and play freely without having to worry about it. But in 2016, many of our communities are infested by addicts, gangs, sex predators, etc.

But that is a topic for another article. Last year, Gallup also did a survey on obesity, and what they found lines up with this new report very well…

-The national rate of obesity has risen to an all-time high of 27.7 percent. That is up from 27.1 percent in 2013, and it is much higher than the 25.5 percent number that we were sitting at in 2008.

-At 19.0 percent, Hawaii has the lowest rate of obesity in the entire country.

-At 35.2 percent, Mississippi has the highest rate of obesity in the entire country.

-The rest of the top 10 includes West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri.

And remember, being obese is different from being overweight.

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3 comments to America You Need To Lose Weight: At Least 1 Out Of Every 5 People Are Obese In All 50 States

  • d

    Just ‘beefing up’ for the famine that will hit this country…be prepared is better than being ‘thin’….imho

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yep. Putting calories in the “Caboose Savings & storage unit”. If you don’t “hold it” you don’t own it.

    They cannot confiscate it if it’s not on the shelf. Calories on your “rear bumper” goes with you, ready and waiting for the day when your circumstances force you to make withdrawals from all those “deposits”.

    I swear, there are some “WalMart Walrus People” who can survive 6 months to a full YEAR without eating a single bite of food. No Twinkie, no salad, pizza, hotdog or sugary drink.

    I am always eating LESS than 2000 calories per day and NOT lowing weight. Some days I’m taking in only about 1400. I need to do more work in the yard, and that will help.
    I used to eat a lot of food, and never gained weight.

    In my 20’s and 30’s, it was no problem for me to eat a full breakfast, and later in the day, I could wolf down 2 regular Whoppers, fries, etc, and my weight stayed between 150-165. (I’m 5′-11″) If I ate like that now I’d be one of those WalMart Walrus people.

    When I eat breakfast (I’m usually not hungry until about 10am), sometimes I only eat ONE egg, and only 120 calories of meat, and ONE slice of Rye toast (NO butter), typically with WATER, sometimes I take 8 oz. of milk.

    I never drink soda, and no fruit juices. (no booze either). Those sugary drinks are liquid calories that pack on the pounds.

    Got a great deal on a bag of about 6 or 7 avocados for $3. Still green, gonna be a few days before I can start eating them. I like to make a guacamole with salsa sauce and dip it with small pretzels instead of deep fried corn chips.

    Last year I planted some ginger roots (under some shade because they don’t like direct sun), and they came back this year very good. They should be spreading out underground.

    I cut a couple of sweet potatoes and suspended them in water, and growing shoots (called “slips”), will clip them off and root them in water and plant them.

  • Kakistocracy

    the “REPORT” starts out with favourable reviews of the status of health
    to fool people
    then the real facts in the report contradict everyth said in the first few sentences of the report

    frak man

    everything in AmeriKa , everything in a country run by a ROTHSCHILD Bank is going straight down the toilet.

    By ROTHSCHILD design.

    When ? When will people finally wake up to the lies of our disgusting immoral society?

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