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All Those Decades Of Lies Are Finally Taking Their Toll: Video Shows Clinton Fainting During “Medical Episode” At 9/11 Ceremony

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from Zero Hedge:

Update: The following clips show the moment of Hillary’s “medical episode” resulting from the “blistering” 79 degree heat in Manhattan.

 Moments ago Fox News senior correspondent Rick Leventhal, citing an anonymous law enforcement official as a source, reported that Hillary Clinton who was present at the Sept 11 ceremony in downtown Manhattan, suffered a “medical episode” when she stumbled and nearly fell after her knees buckled, and was then ushered into a van, in the process losing a shoe, as she was rushed away from ground zero in an early departure.

A better, “over the shoulder” shows Hillary unable to stand on her own and collapsing as she is carried into the van…

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56 comments to All Those Decades Of Lies Are Finally Taking Their Toll: Video Shows Clinton Fainting During “Medical Episode” At 9/11 Ceremony

  • Guido

    I think we need to be seriously prepared for what their next decision will be. I cannot imagine she will remain in the race. The coffin fits in Cleveland went viral quick, as are the videos of the fainting spell. And even though the MSM is providing her cover in so far as blaming the (non-existent) heat, they were finally forced to air the footage of the fainting episode because it was ALREADY all over the net. So what will they do next? Something tells me that things might start getting rather hairy going forward.

    • NIX

      I feel the same GUIDO PS: (SGT you can delete my double post ERROR sorry)

    • Ed_B

      Which is EXACTLY why most people get their news from the net instead of the MSM these days. They have sold their credibility for political access and favors from TPTB and they will never get it back. They are the classic “dead man walking”. Like buggy whips, their time has come AND gone. CNN was the 1st and most visible fatality of this kind but NBC, CBS, and ABC are hot on their heels to go the same way. Sooner rather than later, ALL ad money will be shifting to the Internet and when it does, the MSM WILL be gone. Good riddance, MOFOs. You did this to yourselves.

      • Guido

        Exactly, NIX & Ed_B. And while they’ve been forced to show the clip of her episode, some of the professional liars like Wolf Blitzer are actually claiming that she tripped stepping off the curb. I mean, do they REALLY take people for fools? It couldn’t be any clearer that she was out on her feet. As she waited for the van to arrive it was both the pole and the woman agent who were holding her upright. Otherwise she would have been waiting for the van lying on the sidewalk. When the van arrived and she attempted to walk, she was like a boxer who just got up from a brutal knockdown. Her legs were completely absent, which is when she fell, even as she had multiple people holding on to her.

        The fact that the media continues to cover for her, even as the video is staring people in the face on both the t.v. and the internet, further discredits them beyond any doubt and proves what some of us have been saying forever; that the MSM is totally complicit in the hyper-criminality, corruption and ethical breakdown that is becoming increasingly prevalent in both government and private institutions. Their unwavering defense of people like this monster is proof positive that they are the ORDAINED propaganda arm of these despicable characters. Hence the MSM will be forced to accept some very harsh consequences when it’s time to pay the piper.

  • NIX

    It is the heat, i meant the weather i meant seasonal adjustment , i meant she was emotional . i meant …

  • Kakistocracy

    I watched that video of her being PLANK-walked into the Van.
    What was interesting is the following:

    1. Notice how non-chalant and casual everyone is? Like nothing serious is happening.
    Why? Because they have done this before many many times.
    This is NOT the 1st time this has happened. She is very gravely ill (diagnosis: Subcortical Vascular Dementia , fatal , 3-5 year lifespan)

    2. Notice how the “agents” took their time helping her into the van ?
    They were not in any rush.
    Further note that they , the agents, actually dropped her TWICE while trying to get her in to the van.

    3. She dropped and fell TWICE. How can she fall twice with all of those people helping her?

    I will tell you why.
    Remember you reap what you sow.

    Those people are psychopaths just like her, they travel together, so during these “fits” of medical episodes, they are in glee and laughing and smiling inwardly. They love seeing others in pain.

    Thus they did not help her sincerely into the van, else she would NOT have fallen.
    Very sad, that the only people who she allows to care for her are the ones that hate her intensely.

    Just like Sith, Just like EVIL.
    SHe is finished.
    Martial Law is coming as Prez-oh-dent Barry Oh will suspend the elections.

  • Craig Moodie

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  • d

    an attack of this kind again with hillary AND an attack of a different kind on US soil…will let the bozo do is appointed chore….which has been in the making for many years…seems this is the right time to ‘move’ forward….imho

  • Millicent

    Speaking of lies…

    Rudy is now a front man for Trump. Either Trump is an idiot or he knows that the fix is in,

  • NIX

    Silly me for not believing in KARMA .

  • willygroper

    there’s 4 pages of hilliarity on ZH.

    i’m not feeling lady lynn’s love!

    dead hag walking…uh, um, falling.

  • Kakistocracy


    I actually did a mental exercise right after Hillary died (ahem, I mean fainted).

    My mental exercise is similar to a prayer and/or meditation.
    In my exercise, I spoke as loud as I could directly to Hillary.

    I said to her”

    Hear me Hillary Rodham Clinton. You will hear my voice now.
    The murdered dead are now coming for your neck Hillary!
    Those voices from the past that you have sent to their deaths are now crying out to you Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    They demand justice.
    And they will get justice, in this life or the next. Or the phase inbetween.

    You will hear their cries and you will cower in fear.
    Your time is coming to an end Hillary.
    Hear my voice as I speak of your impending demise.

    You will pay for your crimes.
    You will pay dearly.

    • willygroper


      you can say that again.

      • Kakistocracy

        Did you think DEATH will allow you escape from all the evil in the world that you created?

        You were a woman.
        You were meant to create and nourish life not to debase it, not to rape it.
        But you have betrayed your own people.
        Those very same people that you stepped on are now looking down upon your sorry existence.
        They demand justice.
        They demand that you and your ilk answer for your crimes.
        And you will Hillary Rodham Clinton. You will answer for your crimes.

        You will die very soon Ms.Clinton. In fact you may be dead already and the rest may simply be Parasite-Doubles (Body-doubles).

        When you die, YOU WILL HEAR ME VOICE.

        My voice will tell you that your time for judgement is coming.
        You will answer for your crimes.

        You will be judged by the very same evil that you slavishly have devoted yourself to for your entire miserable existence.
        Your evil master awaits you in the HELL that you richly deserve.

        When you reach that home of yours, you will finally have reverted to your true state.
        I will not have mercy on your soul, but perhaps GOD will.

    • Ed_B

      Amen to that, Bro. Those who do evil are rewarded with the very same.

  • wauhoo

    Her health is fading at an accelerating rate. The October Surprise will not be a surprise.

  • Millicent

    It is the stress of the PTB keeping her propped up so they can get her into the WH that is killing her… Her body can no longer take it but they hope to keep her alive long enough for the November elections to play out.

    Will she make it? Time will tell…

    With Trump surrounding himself with the usual suspects like Giuliani I doubt that much will “change” if he is the president.

  • Guido

    The spin machine is working overtime. Now they claim pneumonia is responsible for Hellery’s demise. Desperation is raring its ugly head. Surely the doctor is fully that being in this position means you’re living on borrowed time. What a feeling it must be.

    • videoctr

      Guido, I believe the pneumonia diagnosis supports the underlying condition of Parkinson’s Disease. Her dysphagia (aspirating/coughing, fluids getting into her lungs, is the cause of the pneumonia.

      CNN although told a partial truth, yes, she has pneumonia, but it is not caused from her allergies as CNN reported. I am waiting for them to admit it is from Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s is the reason why she has been falling over the years, why she has blood clots, and now why she has pneumonia. We are still being lied to.

      • Kakistocracy

        Q: is pneumonia not a very common result of Parkinson’s Disease?

        • videoctr

          See link to abstract in previous post, pneumonia fits the PD hypothesis…


          Aspiration pneumonia is an important cause of morbidity and mortality in Parkinson’s disease (PD). Clinical characteristics of PD patients in addition to specific alterations in swallowing mechanisms contribute to higher swallowing times and impairment in the effective clearance of the airway. These issues may render patients more prone to dysphagia and aspiration events. We aimed to determine the frequency of aspiration events in a hospitalized PD cohort, and to report the number of in-hospital swallow evaluations.


      • Guido

        Yes, good points. Well, I suppose if there IS truth to it, it’s what is termed “walking pneumonia” because I couldn’t imagine she’d be up and about the way she’s been if it were full-fledged. But it’s the Parkinson’s part that concerns me, because if the pneumonia is the result of that disease, then they are being completely deceptive.

  • videoctr

    Kakistocracy, Yes, still relates as another complication due to the falling. What made her fall? PD.

  • kakistocracy

    Hmmm, interesting.

    So we are seeing a plethora of symptoms if taken individually and more importantly independently (non-correlated), then the charade can continue.

    No holistic analysis is ever done since none of the underlying evidence of symptoms are given in any overall commentary.
    Wonderful circular propaganda to hide the PD as you indicated.

    CONCLUSION: SHe is unfit.


    Are we people not tired of this nonsense ?
    I mean really brothers and sisters.
    Do we really regard ourselves of such little value that this is the best that RULES OVER US ?

    Self-Esteem issues are big here.
    Perhaps even Parental Abandonment issues.
    Mark Passio might be right.

  • pippi

    Look how many comments are on this report, and the lack of comments on the plethora of 911 postings/videos on this site with factual evidence.

    Mission Accomplished.

    • Guido

      Probably because most that come here are already very well-versed on the 911 false-flag details and understand the effect it’s already had on the country and the world in so many negative ways. Whereas Hellery’s health is something in the here and now, and something that will effect our future immensely.

  • Kak


    hmmmm, you copied me

    are you a Hasbara IsraHell Troll or AI bot

    or DHS bot or a far-too-common-degenerate human being ?

  • rich

    ‘Churchill’s Secret’ Review: Imagining Winston
    Wall Street Journal-Sep 8, 2016
    In June 1953, Winston Churchill began showing signs of a serious stroke while hosting a dinner at 10 Downing St. The guests, including the Italian prime minister, Alcide de Gasperi, were hastily ushered from the room by Sir Winston’s son-in-law Conservative MP Christopher Soames and by the British PM’s private secretary, Jock Colville, and given a cooked-up story about urgent business requiring an end to the festivities.

    The team then summoned Lord Beaverbrook and other friendly press barons, who agreed to withhold all news of Churchill’s condition—

    an arrangement impossible to imagine today.

    Timely, eh?

  • videoctr

    pippi, I would venture a guess that many of us have come to our own conclusions on 9/11. I know I have. I have looked at the evidence for 15 years. I am in agreement with Pilots for 911 truth, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.

    For me, I need no further convincing, nor am I interested in trying to wake others up that 911 was an inside job. Until we the people realize 911 was a coup d’etat perpetrated by the shadow government, the case will remain open. The problem we face is, our nation is corrupt and cannot rid itself of the corruption. It’s like living in a condemned building and trying to think of remodeling it, you can’t.

    Normalcy bias is a deadly thing when we refuse to see things as they are. When people continue to say, “You must be one of those conspiracy theorists.” The truth will remain hidden. Propaganda is real and the psy-ops will keep it hidden.

  • windrunner58

    This is blown waaaaaaaay out of proportion. Sensationalism!!! It was just time for Hillary’s afternoon nap. She does this for 18 hours a day. No biggie. Move along people….Geeez!

    Barrack golfs all year, so this one will sleep all year. No need to have a true leader in the land of food stamps.

  • Kakistocracy

    The problem we face is, our nation is corrupt and cannot rid itself of the corruption. It’s like living in a condemned building and trying to think of remodeling it, you can’t.

    Ask yourself WHY THIS IS SO?

    WHY Have you become so corrupt so quickly ?

    Ask yourself WHY?
    Keep asking yourself WHY like a child asks WHY.
    I am f*cking deadly serious hear.
    We need to learn the wisdom of children in asking such questions.



    obvious: MONEY

    Where does MONEY come from ?
    Ask yourself WHO CREATES IT ?

    Ask like a child .
    Understand now ?
    then you will have your answer about the corruption, the speed and pervasiveness of it.


  • Kakistocracy

    Once you ask yourself:


    You begin to realize why so much EVIL exists in the world, especially in America and during 9/11.

    WHO has the power to create INFINITE AMOUNTS OF MONEY?
    IF such a being was EVIL what pain could they inflict on humankind ?

    You see the problem is not EVIL.
    For those you can see the EVIL is very obvious.
    The problme is those who are deceived by EVIL.

    C’est la guerre.
    Spiritual War.

    I just wished I had some people helping me once in a while.

  • Kakistocracy



    NO EXCEPTIONS whatsoever.

    There is no such thing as Terrorism but for the actions of the Criminally Insane Satanically Inbred Coven of Vampiric Parasites known as the illegal Central Bank Owning Mega Felons: ROTHSCHILDS (Bauers).

    Satan Spawn.

  • Kakistocracy

    and of course nobody answers with…

    drumroll please…

    question : Why has everything become suddenly corrupted ?

    answer: Duh. Quantitative Easing. Federal Reserve is private. They steal your money to enrich themselves and then pay the media to lie to you all that this is all just business cycles. And of course because of a confluence of events and forces:

    1. American public dumbed down.
    2. American public subjected to horrendous War Crime Chemical Aerosol spraying.
    3. American public dominated by treasonous mass media. Americans cannot tell truth from falsity as a result.
    4. Americans are broke. Economy is tanking but ‘wez jus b peddlin’ fiction broz’.
    5. Americans continue to belive the FUCKING BULLSHIT THAT THEY ARE FED 24/7 every fucking second.




    (tough week, i’m out, peace to all)

  • MarcS


    That was the most beautiful mental exersize I have ever heard, like poetry to my ears.

    Thank you.

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