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Alert! We’re In Big Trouble: Bankers To Abolish Cash and Issue Negative Interest Rates

from Lisa Haven:

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3 comments to Alert! We’re In Big Trouble: Bankers To Abolish Cash and Issue Negative Interest Rates

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yawn. This has been repeated all throughout history, and even the Roman empire debased its silver money until they took out all the silver content (in other words, it was a CONFISCATION of REAL money), substituted with something that was not real money.

    So if they get rid of (((FRNs))) (not real money either), they’ll just substitute it for a digital (((FRN))).

    The USA eliminated REAL money CASH beginning in 1965. The last real cash money in the USA was the silver coins of 1964.

    And when ever any government institutes some new, oppressive form of capital controls, the people just modify their behavior to work around the BS.

    There will always be VGC cash and the ladies have always been dealers of VGC for goods, services, shiny jewelry, fancy clothes, lobster dinner and free rent.

    Repairmen will still be fixing stoves, fridge, furnace, a/c, car transmissions, motors, or house roofing & plumbing in exchange for whatever is desired.

    Farmers and gardeners will always be trading food for other things. Welders, and machine shops will make things (and guns) for trade.

    Marijuana, Poppies, and mushrooms still grow for free, but have “high” value. 🙂

    It just means that the shops and official offices won’t be accepting anything but the government “approved” digital (((FRNs))). Yes, there will be some difficulties, but somehow, we will make it ok.

    We are the clever ones. And the more they go all digital, the more that other governments (and freelancers) will perpetrate more hacks in the systems.

    We are getting prepared to extract ourselves from the (((banking))) system, (((Wall Street))), etc.

    We will find ways to get away from their (((banks))) more and more. I think (((“The FED’s”))) days are numbered. The (((Elite’s))) days are numbered too.

  • Howard Roark

    Yikes, “Mrs. Dave Hodges”…please…as long as there are under the table payoffs and dirty dealings, they will be cash, PERIOD.

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