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This is a special 2016 U.S. Presidential Election UPDATE: FEDS TO STEAL 2016 ELECTION, & CLINTON BODY COUNT WARNING

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  • AgShaman

    Your browser currently does not recognize any….

    I don’t mind waiting too much Sean, but this one looks pretty ominous.

    Maybe the comments section will hook me up with a preview

    • SGT

      Ag, is it just this site that gives you slow loads, or a bunch of other sites too? b/c SGT loads pretty fast for me day in and day out.

      • AgShaman

        SGT, thanks buddy. It’s because I’m a dunce/clutz and have wiped my system out repeatedly. The internet is slow and sporatic here and Ubuntu is different. It’s really stretched out my grey matter, er…extended out the learning curve. I’ve missed something along the way.

        No matter….thanks to you, Rory, Peter and all your families and friends that have stood by you in this last of battles.

        Thanks for all you do brother

        • SGT

          Thank you Ag, by the way Rory has moved on the focus on his own YT channel and site, TDC. Our new contributor is Matt who is a royal subject, though deep research indicates that we probably all are. 🙂 And the one and only Peter remains posting daily!

          • AgShaman

            Copy that, thanks for the update.

            I think alot of people can sense that stealing an election is not out of the realm of possibilities for this shadow group. They dispatch most all that stand in their way.

            What I am looking for is the “Dunce” that comes off as oblivious to what this group is up to. Should Trump go this route…look surprised/dumbfounded when a “steal” goes down…then you will know something’s fishy.

            Anybody that runs for Prez knows about the talents and possibilites that the hidden hand has within their playbook. They are fully aware of the false flag nature of 9/11 et al. Having any “Andy Griffiths moments” going forward could only be viewed as a ‘sucker’s play’….where the class clown/dunce seeks out all the suckers for the play.

        • Millicent

          IF you want use Linux then switch to Mint… an offshoot of Ubuntu, it is free.

          Don’t believe all of the hype that Linux is trouble free and easier to use than Windoze. Big learning curve and a lot of command line work to get it sorted out and working right.

          • Ed_B

            I agree completely. I just installed Linux Mint 18 on a triple OS boot machine and it is doing pretty well. There is most definitely a learning curve but I am in no hurry.

            I have used DOS and Windoze products for a LONG time now, so am not expecting to be up to speed immediately with Linux. It’ll take time but this is not a mission critical application for me. It IS interesting, though, and makes for a superb backup OS.

            Once I get familiar with Linux Mint, it might even become a 1st choice OS for me. I would like that a lot because Windoze is getting ever more a PITA with all its costs and demands, particularly its incessant updates, some of which occur whether or not the Windoze user even wants them.

            My wife was FURIOUS that Win 10 installed itself on her business PC, even though I have it set to download but not install ANY updates. Fortunately, that could be un-done, which I did. Also fortunate is that the GWX utility works well at deflecting Win 10 upgrade demands.

  • Eric

    So you guys don’t think the Department of Israeli Security will let us have a fair election?

    • SGT

      NOTE: There is a mistake at 3:09. Shawn Lucas was the PROCESS SERVER who served the DNC with a lawsuit on July 3, he was found dead just one month later. Lucas was NOT the “Lead Attorney” as stated in this video. Sorry for the error.

    • Jacobson

      What the hell are you talking about ?
      Most israelis hate Hillary Clinton and there are many discussions about her health issues and the dead bodies…

      Small Israel is not letting you to have fair elections ?
      Maybe it works the other way when US deeply involved in iseaeli elections and politics through its endless amounts of CIA agents and hidden organizations who try to destabilize the region ?
      Don’t tell me you haevn’t heard about the Muhammad Mossadeq and the american coup detat that removed the last popular democratically elected government in Iran.
      Try to find Donald Wilber’s documents.

  • KRELL427

    The Rothschild’s may have had the last supper for Hillary a few weeks back,like the mob kissing you on the forehead. With all this trouble surrounding her and her failing health,the election not going their way Hillary may have just outlived her usefulness. They couldn’t afford to have her go songbird John McCain on them.

  • tomche

    Great report, Sean. The Clinton-related death count continue’s higher… yea, I guess it’s all coincidence.

  • anon

    It has to be the CFR’s CIA behind many (if not all) of the ‘CLINTON BODY COUNT’. Keep in mind, the ‘Clinton Body Count’ could just as easily be called the BUSH-CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE BODY COUNT, as the so-called “Republican” BUSH FAMILY and the so-called “Democrat” CLINTON FAMILY are both on the SAME TEAM: THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS/CHATHAM HOUSE/COMMITTEE OF 300 TEAM. This team also includes many additional FRONT ORGANIZATIONS all pushing forward toward the SAME GLOBALIST GOALS: United Nations, MI6, CIA, Mossad, TAVISTOCK, Freemasonry, CLUB OF ROME, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, NATO, and many others including many renowned “think tanks” ~ RAND, Stanford Research Institute, and others.

    The CIA works for the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) which works for CHATHAM HOUSE, which works for the Committee of 300.

  • C.I.

    Aside to this:

    Our media is reporting Mr Trump/visit Mexico/Mexico reply/wall and stuff.

    Some excellent video by the way.

    The Mex Prez is still waiting for Hilary to visit him by the looks as to His comments and open invitation. Trump did which shows determination at the very least.

    What news from the Hilarious camp?


    • Ed_B

      Obonehead AND Hillary were shamed into visiting the flood victims in Louisiana a couple of weeks ago by Trump getting down there right away. Such things are signs of leadership, something that neither Obonehead nor Hillary have, BTW.

  • NIX

    Good if she gets elected mabe that will be the trigger to piss off citizen and then we might see her on national TV falling down a stage somewhere.

  • mike

    This is new ..The HuPo writter that was banned for writing about Clintons health.
    You should post this on the front page of this site.

    • NIX

      Verry fascinating! What in the hell the PTB have in mind putting a sick woman on path of presidency ! Well,Well,Well… will see. I would love to hear people speculating on this one!

    • John

      The Huffington Post is owned by AOL. The CEO of AOL (Tim Armstrong) was hired by the chairman of Time-Warner (Jeffrey Bewkes), a CFR member, before the Time-Warner/AOL splitup. Armstong is also an advisor to the McChrystal Group led by former Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, Gen. Stanley McChrystal — another CFR member.

      YouTube is owned by Google. The chairman of Google (Eric Schmidt) and his “senior advisor” (Jared Cohen) are both CFR members. Cohen is also a CFR Fellow, and a member of the Trilateral Commission.

      Other CFR members include: Bill Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal, Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Henry Kissinger, Strobe Talbott, Robert Rubin, David Rubenstein, Michael Bloomberg, Lloyd Blankfein, Laurence Fink, George Soros, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, and CFR godfather David Rockefeller. See member lists at cfr dot org.

    • Ed_B

      What the hell is Hellery wearing? Looks like cross between a hospital gown and an around the house lounging outfit. Definitely not anything that a sensible person would wear when going out.

    • tomche

      Best thing that could happen to you, really. Being associated with the propaganda post is not in your best interest. Indeed, staying within the MSM at all seems to denigrate and reduce your credibility. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Suzanne

    Hey Sean…
    I think Pagliano should stay away from Costa Rica… I believe that is where the Clinton’s get-away compound is located. The Bush compound is in Paraguay.

  • Jeannine Torri

    Hi SGT…Love your vid’s…Just letting you know though that the picture you have of Victor Thorn is actually a picture of Pastor Steven Anderson…I wanted to email you, but could not find an email address 🙂

    • SGT

      Thanks, I have heard that may be the case. The picture I used in the video was originally found at, I didn’t create it, but regret the error nevertheless.

  • Truth

    Soros says the election doesn’t matter: America will elect Trump by a landslide but Hillary will be declared the new President anyway!

    • anon

      +1, Truth. THAT is EXACTLY what will happen.

      And all the stupid-ass (sorry, IGNORANT) American SHEEPLE, will be in a serious state of cognitive-dissonance, when they realize that, hey, wait a minute ~ Donald Trump received FAR MORE popular votes than Killary Hinton ~ yet, somehow Killary got “elected”? Then, they’ll most likely go back to sleep.

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