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Author and researcher Darryl Robert Schoon is back to expose the system of tyranny built on debt based money and central banking that is enslaving humanity by design. Darryl explains, “What this prevailing system is, under the guise of freedom, is a system of tyranny, it’s debt tyranny. It’s slavery using MONEY.”

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68 comments to A SYSTEM OF TYRANNY BUILT ON DEBT MONEY — Darryl Robert Schoon

  • willygroper

    Another great interview Sean!

    I was first exposed the Mr.Schoon on a vid here where he spoke of HH’s bankster.

    This man is very engaging…what I’d really like to know is “what other forces” he see’s at work. I assume he was alluding to the spiritual.


    • KRELL427

      It was a very good interview, I first heard of him a few days ago here in the comment section. Will check out more of his work.

    • It is indeed a good interview with some prescient topics discussed (SDR bonds for example). Mr. Schoon is, however, factually incorrect in his brief history of the SDR. The SDR wasn’t created in the 70s after the Nixon de-peg from gold, but before, in 1969. They were front-running the changeover the entire time.

      What’s more, the SDR began life as 100% GOLD-BACKED ASSET, equivalent to 0.888671 grams of fine gold. So from 1969 to 1973, the first four years of its life, the SDR was not a basket at all.

      The “new” SDR (basket of fiat) and the “old” SDR (gold-backed) are about to amalgamate. This is the core of the SDR CONfidence game now shaping up – the “Western” bankers get their global monetary system and continued usury, the “Eastern” bankers get their desired gold lining, everyone involved gets global control.

      • Eric

        Good work Rusticus. And before 1969?

        The London Gold Pool was the pooling of gold reserves by a group of eight central banks in the United States and seven European countries that agreed on 1 November 1961 to cooperate in maintaining the Bretton Woods System of fixed-rate convertible currencies and defending a gold price of US$35 per troy ounce by interventions in the London gold market.

        The central banks coordinated concerted methods of gold sales to balance spikes in the market price of gold as determined by the London morning gold fixing while buying gold on price weaknesses. The United States provided 50% of the required gold supply for sale. The price controls were successful for six years until the system became no longer workable. The pegged price of gold was too low, and after runs on gold, the British pound, and the US dollar occurred, France decided to withdraw from the pool. The London Gold Pool collapsed in March 1968.

        • One wonders if de Gaulle saw not only the gold reserve writing on the wall, but the folding of national currencies into the SDR basket as well. He never did finish that second term, after all, and conveniently stepped down right before the IMF created the SDR…

          • Ed_B

            As crafty an old fox as he was, there is little room for doubt that he saw a lot of what was then in the stage-setting mode and he very likely did not like it one bit. He was the one who put the screws to the US for printing much more currency than existed gold to back it. France was the country demanding gold for their goods via exchanging US$ for gold after trades were settled. Had the US not been spending more “money” than they actually had, this would not have been a serious problem. If our imports and exports had been balanced, the US could have done the same to their other trading partners and all would have been swapping currencies for gold. As long as everyone is playing the same game, it all works well.

            But the US had no intention of playing that game, so closed the gold window in August 1971 to prevent the French from taking all of our gold. This is yet another plus for using gold as a currency. You either have it or you don’t. If you have it, you can spend it. If not, then you can’t spend what you don’t have. Gold redeemable money was one of the few ways that the citizens had to force their governments to spend less.

            Well, heck! We can’t have that, now can we? By going all-fiat, they were able to spend much more money than they actually had, and delay the day of financial reckoning for decades.

            While that Pied Piper party was fun, it is now over and the bills ARE due. It will be interesting to see just what they come up with for the next series of financial games.

            • Ed, have you ever seen that gold documentary that CBC did a few years ago? The one where they interview Eric Sprott? Had a title like “The Secret World of Gold” or something. There was a bit in it where they documented the French smuggling their gold out through a bunch of different sea lanes before the Nazis came to town. Seeing all the strides their central bank went through just to keep their “pet rocks” really demonstrates how connected the French were to sound money.

              Keyword there being were 😛

              • Ed_B

                I replied to this a few days ago and got BLOCKED for my efforts. Sean fixed the block but the reply seems to have gone poof. Oh, well.

                Anyway, yes, I saw that and it is excellent. Would not mind viewing it again to boost the memory a bit.

                I am sure that the fiat currency BS was not an easy sell to quite a few countries in the world. 5,000+ years of gold-as-money history are difficult to deny, even with the temptation to spend much more than many countries actually had. Foolishly, they all fell in line for the fiat freebies. No doubt they felt that they had to because one cannot maintain a gold standard alone.

                But those running the CBs know where the bear pooped in the buckwheat. They know that gold IS money and that fiat paper is not. This is why they stack gold and in large amounts. Fiat’s days are numbered and as those days wind down to double and then single digits, their urge to get their hands on as much gold as possible becomes irresistible. What they SAY, on the other hand, will be 180° out of phase with that they DO. Ignore the former and watch the latter… carefully. Most on here are doing that and we are not fooled by their anti-gold comments.

  • Allender


    Best title possible, never heard better.

    You are red hot, Sean (red, as in blush of truth.)

    Thank You.

  • wauhoo

    Gosh Sean, that may have been your best interview yet. Darryl is a wonderful historian and loaded with energy and passion. Please do have him back on soon.

    • Ed_B

      lol… I am always thinking that the current article is the best one yet but Sean has a way of doing that on at least a weekly basis! 😀

      • wauhoo

        He really has morphed into a great interviewer. Plus he gets rockstars to work with. Darryl Schoon makes it easy for Sean. Superb historian, passionate and a wonderful sense of humor. And an amazing life story. Met Howard Hughes’ banker while he was in federal prison!

      • AgShaman

        I agree. Glad I finally caught this one. Darryl and Sean really ‘gelled’ on this interview. I’m playing it for a friend right now and plan to pass it around in the old neighborhood amongst friends

  • Loquito

    ¡¡¡Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!!

  • Millicent

    The next phase of the evolution of debt will be digital currency… You will be waiting a long time for your “collapse”.

  • Allender

    Nice, Millicent: “…evolution of debt…”

    Debt is everything. Thank you, creditors.

    The dollar, debt created from nothing fouling the world. We have a big problem, ground control.

  • tomche

    Excellent interview, Sean!

  • JC


    What a fantastic discussion with one of the real monetary historians of our age! One of your best interviews ever. Keep it up.

    By the way, I sat next to Kyle Bass on a flight earlier this week and had the chance to introduce myself. Great guy and very down to earth. There are a lot of people out there that know the truth, and I believe we will all stand up and stop his nonsense at the next inflection point. For now, prepare yourselves and your families for a bumpy ride.

    • Ed_B

      WOW! @ JC

      Sitting next to Kyle Bass on an airplane would be fantastic. I can only imagine the questions I would have for him. But first, I would like to thank him for all the money I made from his YCS investing suggestion. 😀

  • James

    Interesting interview but Darryl apparently doesn’t know that the country with the 6th largest country GDP when measured by PPP has so small external debt that they can not only make payments on the debt, they can pay the entire amount off with what they have in the bank. They have a huge stockpile of gold and when that gets revalued to its REAL value, the debt will be just pocket change for them.

    Bill Holter just concluded that this country’s currency is the only one that will survive in its current form. The country I’m speaking about is Russia. Everyone ignores them but they’re the only country that hasn’t debauched their currency with debt.

    • Ed_B

      Perhaps they remember their lessons from V.I. Lenin? He mentioned that debauching the currency was one of the best ways to destroy a capitalist system. History abounds with nations that failed due to this very financial error.

  • Kakistocracy

    Great interview.

    YES WE NEED TO STOP ALL DEBT-basec currency.
    Federal Reserve
    Bank of Canada
    Bank of England
    Bank of Japan
    Bank of Spain


    NOTE: The Rothschild money since 1697 MUST BE RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE !

    This amount is greater than $500 TRILLION.

    Rothschilds OWN half the world through their three centuries of CENTRAL BANK OWNERSHIP!





    Every last cent must be returned !

  • matt

    No conspiracy..Just the cycle of greed playing out as it always does.

    If you distribute all the ‘wealth’ evenly to every human on earth..The same people after a few generations would have it all back again.

    @ kinds of people..Givers and Takers. That will never change

    thanks so much for your work Sean..helping people to wake up is the Nobelest of causes!!

    • Kakistocracy

      You are either DEAF or BLIND or a Rotschild DEEP STATE AGENT (and yes they are thousands of such traitors).

      YES there is a conspiracy.

      I guess posted three links that show the WORLD ECONOMY is run by a very small group of companies.

      I listed those links but you PURPOSELY AVOIDED THEM.

      YOU are in denial or an agent.

      Even the Rothschild themselves ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR POWER.



    • Hal

      Lol no conspiracy? Do you really think there is not any conspiring among the greedy groups and individuals that you suggest would get it all back after a redistribution. How are they getting it all or how would they get it all back? Through hard work and/or individual criminals scamming deceiving and robbing folks? I think its safe to say it takes some tremendous collusion to establish and run/manipulate various institutions that are conducting the operations that result in the (somewhat) hidden theft of the masses. The fact that we are using debt currency is in and of itself evidence of great conspiring.

  • matt

    and then there are the ANGRY ones who are blinded by anger and fear and thus lose clarity.


  • Kakistocracy

    And then there are superficial vacuous gibbering Facebook-following imbeciles like you.

    You never think , you only follow and/or regurgitate.

    Angry ?

    Are you really that stupid ? You should ALL BE ANGRY.
    TRILLIONS have been stolen if you understand what is a DEBT BASED CURRENCY.

    Do you understand ADULT level conversations ? Can you research ? Debate ?
    Critically Reason ?

    You are like a pigeon pretending to play chess.
    You strut around the board and knock over all pieces and shit on the board.
    Then you flap your wings and proudly proclaim that you WON.

    Typical Brainless AmeriKan
    (Rothschild Owned Central Bank Country)

    Willful ignorance and destructive naivete are a fatal combination snowflake.

  • fonestar

    Don’t believe the bullshit… just bought Bitcoin and transaction times are FAST!! Had my BTC all confirmed in about < 3 minutes. No line-ups, no bankers, no middle-men, no service fees! Just pure BITCOIN y'all!

    • Eric

      Yeah but it took 4 weeks to get my order from

      What’s up with that? It doesn’t take 4 weeks to get Silver delivered to my door.

      • fonestar

        So what’s your point? Overstock is one company. Lots of people have ordered Silver from dealer and received no Silver and none of their money back either. Does that mean people shouldn’t buy Silver?

        And my order from Overstock took about 10 days.

        • Kak

          I am sorry to say but you are a dis-illusioned young man.

          Why do you think Bitcoin has suddenly modernized their network speed/latency?

          Think for yourself young one.

          THE CRASH IS COMING…they are taking control of ALL AVENUES of COMMERCE.

          Bitcoin is an NSA/CIA/Mossad Collaboration.
          Only fools use it for anything other than darknet.

          • anon

            I can’t speak to “Bitcoin” being an “NSA/CIA/Mossad Collaboration”, however, anyone with HALF A BRAIN, KNOWS that there is “collaboration” between the NSA/GCHQ/CIA/MI6 & Mossad. It’s just ONE MORE aspect of the “Jew” World Order.

            “A SYSTEM OF TYRANNY BUILT ON DEBT MONEY”? Sure it is. And, Darryl Schoon knows his stuff.

            Three words: “Jew”, World, Order. (It’s financed by the global debt money system).

              • Krell, that’s a fairly creative interpretation of the name “Satoshi Nakamoto,” if only because Japanese names are derived from Kanji, not Hiragana or Katakana. It’s not a phonetic language so much as a language of symbols, and as such, the phonetics are shared by multiple characters.

                Depending on what characters are used to spell the name, it’s a different meaning entirely.

                Let’s take the name Satoshi as an example. In Kanji, it’s broken up to “Sato” and “Shi.” There are 9 possible Kanji that are pronounced “Sato,” all meaning different things. There are an additional 10 Kanji that are pronounced “Shi,” meaning there are (by my calculation) 342 possible ways to write the name “Satoshi,” only ONE of which roughly translates to “Intelligence.”

                Other ways to write “Satoshi” translate to “Village Child,” or “Rebuke Poem,” or “Philosophical Samurai,” or “Clever Snake,” all depending on the Kanji used to write them.


                • KRELL427

                  Yes I was just reading another article about the meanings, 342 ways really puts a hole in the link I provided.I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the phoenix rising cover picture actually being a krypto block chain currency. My thoughts are with all the deep underground military bases and how far ahead they are with technology just waiting for the right time to be implemented in order advance their agenda, it is very unlikely that somebody is actually able to invent something that challenges the system. That is why I have been Leary about bitcoin.

                • Eric

                  It’s also an anagram for shitosa tomakano.

                • GoldTooth999

                  You might lack the creativity and innovation to replace a predatory system with an equitable one. Some complain about the dire situation. Others create solutions for new opportunities. N. Tesla did for a few years.

                • Ed_B


                  “That is why I have been Leary about bitcoin.”

                  We should ALL be leery of ANY fiat money system because they all have the same basic problem: they are the image of money but not the substance of money. When the SHTF, symbols disintegrate and disappear, while REAL money not only survives but prospers… and so do those who hold REAL money in their own hands.

                  Counter-party risk is inherent in all fiat money systems but is completely absent in gold and silver money systems. In order to be secure in our financial future, avoiding unnecessary CP risk is a must, IMO.

                  Others will see this differently… well, at least until they are financially screwed by CP risk, that is. THEN and only then will they see the truth of the matter.

                  I have seen the very same kind of behavior in children. There are those who can take our word that the stove is hot and that they must not touch it and there are those who simply MUST touch it to find out for themselves that they should not have touched it. Oh, well. 😉

              • The “end game” has to be some kind of blockchain-driven cryptocurrency, perhaps more than one. I’m starting to think it’ll be a “blockchain everything” future, as the encryption and ledger technology from a machine-to-machine perspective can enable all sorts of horrifying technologies… think blockchain-based Smart Grids (already in the works) or blockchain-based “National Identification” or “Global Citizen” numbers. And all of these databases could instantly cross-reference with one another wherever there’s a gateway… in your “smart car,” in your “smart home,” in the “self checkout” aisle at the grocery store. Just terrifying stuff.

                As to whether we get that out of the gate? Who knows. Eventually we will. Watch the progress of a company called R3, a blockchain company which counts as its members virtually every major commercial bank on the planet:


                R3 makes Blythe Masters’ little crypto startup look like a damn lemonade stand.

                Chatham House actually drafted a task force to find a way to re-add gold to the SDR basket, and a “digital gold currency” was one of the many things they recommended:


                On an open-source blockchain, monkeying with gold reserves would be tough. But a closed-source one, like the ones being built by R3? Easy as deleting lines on an Excel file. I think that’s ultimately what they want.

                Is bitcoin that currency, or a beta test for that currency? I used to lean towards the “Yes” side of that equation, but since diving into the crypto world headfirst to see what it was all about, I lean towards “No” for two primary reasons:

                1. It’s 100% open-source. Why give the Proles such a powerful tool, knowing full well they can not only see the source code, but fork it and create an alternative?

                2. Despite bitcoin being very trackable, it’s not stoppable. You can’t freeze accounts, hold transactions, or garnish wages. These tools are central to controlling a digital economy.

                Of course, there are a lot of ways to poke holes in this theory. Perhaps bitcoin was made as free as possible initially, with full knowledge that a small handful of Chinese miners would eventually monopolize the hashing power?

                As it stands now, if the Chinese “Council of Miners” decided it was in their best interest to put back-doors in bitcoin and close off parts of the source code, they could do it literally overnight, leaving bitcoin holders the world over to either “upgrade” to their “new bitcoin” or lose all their money. Are these miners owned by TPTB? I can’t answer that.

                And of course, there’s the scenario you mention – that black budget, hyperadvanced quantum computers can already make the SHA256 algorithm its bitch. But if that’s the case, we have bigger problems (military launch site or nuclear reactor encryption being compromised, for example.)

                But if either of these were the case, why would NSA/CIA subcontractor Mike Hearn leave the bitcoin project after failing to get his “version” of bitcoin adopted? Hearn’s proposal (BitcoinXT, it was called) would’ve automatically blocked all bitcoin nodes with anonymized IP addresses, a huge invasion of privacy, yet the Chinese miners vetoed it, in part because they use such nodes to get around the “Great Firewall”. It was at this point that Hearn became the lead developer over at R3, the company I mentioned earlier.

                None of that makes sense if bitcoin is an NSA/CIA/.gov creation. It also doesn’t make sense if the Chinese mining companies are in bed with TPTB. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true – just evidence for the contrary.

                Same with insiders like Larry Summers sitting on the board of bitcoin startups… he’s on the board of two or three, but none of these are companies working on the bitcoin software itself, only companies like Xapo and Coinbase, which are fiat exchange points for bitcoin. They’re clearly trying to control the bottlenecks/choke points of the system, which again, you wouldn’t need to do if you already owned it.

                I do apologize for the super long reply, but this is such a heated topic here at SGT and I don’t think it’s as binary as we sometimes make it out to be. Is bitcoin an intelligence creation? Is it organic and merely being used by TPTB? Did it begin life as an intelligence creation, only to have some “good guy” on the inside modify the code and give it to the world instead, like a modern day Prometheus?

                Only time will tell. But I do know this: Except for local transactions, we will have to develop some kind of completely free cryptocurrency to continue commerce at a distance, because the only alternative will be closed-source slave cryptocurrencies.

                • KRELL427

                  There are definitely a lot of angles and the more you study it the more perplexing it becomes. Time to up the power to the thinking caps. I do feel they are running on quantum computers, our leaders being the weak link trying to carry out what they are told to do. If Our group here were The Thunderbirds I would have to say Rusticus gets the role of “Brains”😀

                • Eric

                  Can I be Commander Norman?

                • Ed_B

                  “digital gold currency”

                  OMG! What a totally asinine concept. It has to be right up there with virtual reality dining, drinking, and sex. 🙁

                • Eric

                  Ed, ask any dum dum on the street what an SDR is and you will get a blank stare. Ask them what virtual sex is and they’ll say “hell yeah!”

                  It’s not asinine if it works. But then, these are the things wars are made out of.

                • @Krell: You’re too kind, man… though a character with intellect but lacking in social skills is an apt comparison haha. The key difference between us and The Thunderbirds is that no one pulls our strings 😉

                  And I totally agree with you on the quantum computing front. That shit’s much further along than they tell us, like most of our technology. One wonders if there’s a shadowy “Quantum Computing Treaty” akin to the “Weather Modification Treaty” of the 60s, where there’s a general consensus that all the actors on the “Grand Chessboard” don’t use it against one another. But even in the case of weather modification, we know they do… (Fukushima, Iran earthquake, etc.)

                  Probably the most concerning “counterparty risk” of bitcoin (or any crypto, really.) I try to keep my crypto allocations fairly conservative for that reason alone. I have “faith” that an open-source, post-quantum algorithm will someday pop up, but as so many here note, gold and silver don’t require encryption. Their molecular structure IS encryption! 😀 Much safer in that regard, but tougher to hop borders or transact at a distance with, for sure.

                  @Eric: “It’s not asinine if it works. But then, these are the things wars are made out of.”

                  Boom. We may think it’s asinine, but the Average Joe? He’ll have more trouble understanding the “gold” part than the “digital money” part. How far we’ve fallen.

                • Ed_B

                  @Eric @Rusticus

                  The “average Joe” is in for one helluva lesson in economics when, not if, all this virtual crap disappears in a blaze of twisted photons / screen snow and the last economic man standing is hard metal money.

                  Yes, many of us have tried our best to inform Joe but have failed to get some rather simple economic lessons through Joe’s thick skull.

                  But then, hunger is one helluva teacher. It will succeed where we have not. Pity that. We led Joe to knowledge but we could not force him to think. Hunger and other forms of deprivation WILL.

                • Ed_B


                  As you well know, REAL beats virtual every single time and very few on here are qualified (?) to speak for the ‘tards on the street. Most here are WAY too sharp for the kind of crap that they fall for every time. 😀

        • Eric

          I was just wondering where I could spend bitcoins so that I don’t have to wait 4 weeks to take delivery.

          • Provident ships super fast when buying with BTC! 😀

            • Eric

              Yeah but it costs 1% more. 😉

              • Ed_B

                What? You want superior service for FREE? Egads, man! 😉

                • Eric

                  No I just don’t want to pay more by having to exchange one worthless currency for another, then backing up my digital wallet.

                  Seems rather counter-intuitive.

                • The only reason the bank wire is cheaper is because it runs over the government-subsidized Fed Wire system. I’d rather not use any of the Fed’s apparatuses if I can avoid it, but hey, if it’s cheaper, might as well use it for the time being.

                  Bitcoin is, however, still significantly cheaper than paying with credit cards. Hopefully someday retailers will actually hold onto some of their coins as opposed to flipping them right away, as that’s the reason for the “spread.” It’s the currency conversion cost from companies like CoinBase.

                • Ed_B

                  Indeed. But then, when one deals with the devil of fiat currency, one expects to be burnt at least a little, right?

  • Howard Roark

    That’s right Shawn…edit TRUTH…it won’t change a damn thing…

    To quote Mike King over at Tomatobubble…

    “We have said it before and we shall say it again and again and again: the Turd World invasion wave will not end until the very last White man has been blended out and/or killed off — leaving a raceless, traditionless, godless, cultureless, rootless, soulless, emasculated mass of alienated and hypnotized hybrid humanity that can be easily lorded over by the usual suspects and their most faithful servants. Therefore, any talk among western Marxist leaders about halting immigration ought to taken, at face value, as just the latest round of seditious serpentine strategy.

    1000’s of years of achievement and building — all going down the jewish toilet…so sad

    it is so damn obvious, but Boobus is more concerned with football!”

    • Eric

      I believe that’s what you call a fakakta!

      Most people will never really wake up to the big picture.

      But as George Carlin wisely put it…That’s why they call it the American Dream. Cuz you have to be asleep to believe it.

      • anon

        Eric, you said:

        “Most people will never really wake up to the big picture.”

        An unfortunate truth. Can you even imagine, being one of the majority, who live their ENTIRE LIFE (cradle to grave!) never having seriously questioned the endless stream of lies that they’ve been force fed and conditioned to believe?

        “But as George Carlin wisely put it…That’s why they call it the American Dream. Cuz you have to be asleep to believe it.”

        George Carlin was right. The ‘American’ ‘Dream’ is EXACTLY THAT! And, YOU DO HAVE TO BE COMPLETELY ASLEEP TO BELIEVE IT!

        Three words: “Jew”, World, Order. As you know, by keeping those three words at the forefront of one’s mind, one begins to discover, that those three words are FAR more REAL than the ‘American’ Empire, or the ‘British’ Empire, or the ‘American’ DREAM ~ all phrases that are part of the EMPIRE OF LIES.

  • anon

    “Jew” World Order = Empire of Lies.

    • Praxis

      Good Laugh! What’s also funny and I heard it from the horses mouth from a good friend. Everyone thinks the sky is falling in a political litmus test.

      It’s only those without fingers on the pulse that think … time’s up. Playing table.. buh bye. Chips are in the air.

      It’s a really interesting story. Does it work well for everyone? I’unno. Probably not.
      But it does work to unshackle those who see through it and have the will to pick up the pieces.

    • Ed_B

      OMG, that was funny! Glad that I wasn’t drinking anything when the punch line hit. 😀

  • anon

    For those who can’t open their minds to inter-generational obscenely wealthy families, such as the Warburg Family (descendants of the 16th Century VENETIAN “Del Banco” Family) of which Paul Warburg was a member, who was also a key co-creator of the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” in 1913! Ummm… Let’s see… 16th Century Family from VENICE, the “Del Banco” Family, has a descendant who creates the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” in 1913, in AMERICA? WTF!?

    Visit, and read this:….

    “A Secret Society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world”

    Listen to episode #15 of ARK MIDNIGHT (KLIF 570 AM Radio, Dallas, Texas with John B. Wells of CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT (Internet site) ~ which should be posted to youtube sometime tomorrow (9/18/2016). It’s a two-hour show, and John B. Wells interviews CHARLES SAVOIE of, about the Pilgrims Society of Great Britain (est. 1902) and the Pilgrims Society of the United States (est. 1903) ~ “A Secret Society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world” These “Pilgrims” are right in the heart of the “Committee of 300″/Crown Corporation/”Jew” (Rothschild) World Order.

  • Are you ready for your Student Debt, Medical Debt, Mortgage Debt and Credit Card Debt to be a thing of the past? Mr. Sino wants to see you working at a job that you choose, because when you engage in “Sacred Labor” you are more productive. Which is why he wants to free you from “Debt Slavery”
    He’s proven the money’s there, and it’s his. He’s proven he has the authority to give it to you, and he’s provided documentation to let the Bank apply it to your account! But the money’s been sitting there for years, collecting interest, and some of the Bankers have been skimming that interest to put into their own accounts. Stealing. So they refuse to acknowledge the existence of the money, and they refuse to release it to YOUR debtors, even though the account-holder has ordered them to, because they face 100 years in prison for embezzlement!
    This man is trying to give you money every month for the rest of your life, but the banks won’t let him.
    Will you let him? Sign the petitions. Sign all of them. He wants to give you this money, and all he’s asking from you is a signature. Seriously. That’s it. No chip, no implant, no New World Order control system.

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