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90 Murders Chicago In August And Obama And BLM Silent

from TheTruthDamit:

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5 comments to 90 Murders Chicago In August And Obama And BLM Silent

  • tomche

    It’s really pretty simple:

    Foment as much hatred, division and anger as possible – all leading to death and destruction.
    Use these actions as a justification to confiscate and de-arm the public.
    Once they are de-armed, allow the cold, hard, steel boot of fascism to firmly step on the neck of humanity – and keep it in check and under control.

  • Guido

    A relative recently preached the virtues of gun control to me. When I pointed out that the gun control capital of American also has gun-related murders that are absolutely off the charts, he said MORE gun control will at least “put a dent in it.” When I asked him to explain to me why illegal drugs continue to remain very accessible despite their illegality and despite the many billions of dollars that have been pumped into various anti-drug campaigns, he was stymied and could not give a coherent answer. Rather he resorted to the snarky behavior that many a narrow-minded leftist authoritarian resorts to when they’re cornered by telling me that the Second Amendment needs to be abolished because “people like you” are a threat to the country. Predictably, this lead into a 10-minute diatribe about how Trump was giving “you people” the signal to assassinate Clinton when he made the remark about the Second Amendment some weeks back. Yes, THIS is the mentality we’re dealing with coming from all four corners of the US. This is the mindset of the psychos, imbeciles and retards that have assumed control of the federal government, many state and local governments, the “education” industry, the entertainment industry, the media industry, and social media. And now that they see their control slipping away before their eyes, they will stop at NOTHING to maintain it because they are mentally unbalanced and lack the ability to handle defeat. And don’t think for a second that resorting to tactics reminiscent of Stalin or Mao are off the table because they aren’t. Get ready for a very bumpy ride on all fronts because the wack jobs are on the lose. And YES, lock and load.

  • Guido

    The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police have the right idea by telling Chicago cops to reject all overtime and special duty assignments this holiday weekend in protest of the anti-police violence occurring in the city. As conditions deteriorate, this will become common place across America, and cops won’t even be reporting for regular duty, never mind overtime. What will defenseless liberal trendies do then as the roving gangs migrate to the suburbs and have a field day? It’ll be a “So much for gun control!” moment.

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