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80% of Parents Giving Kids too Much/too Little Liquid Medications

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

A new study published September 12 in the journal Pediatrics shows that many parents accidentally overdose their children on liquid medicines, but standardizing measuring instruments and labels may reduce these errors. [1]

Moms and dads often give their kids too much medication when they measure it with a cup or spoon, but using a syringe could cut down on accidental overdoses.

Dr. Shonna Yin, an associate professor at NYU Medical School and a co-author of the study, said:

“When parents used dosing cups, they had four times the odds of making a dosing error, compared to when they used an oral syringe.” [2]

Yin and her colleagues wrote:

“A range of measurement units (eg, milliliter, teaspoon, tablespoon), along with their associated abbreviations, are used as part of instructions on labels and dosing tools, contributing to confusion and multifold errors.”

Yin went on:

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