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9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

from ae911truth:

This is the 1-hour version of our 1 ½ hour groundbreaking documentary 9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out which is available for purchase as a DVD in our online store at… or as a download at

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  • anon

    9/11 was an Israeli/Mossad Operation. Blaming it totally on Saudi Arabia (House of Saud) from whence originated Osama Bin Laden is simply very convenient, for the “Committee of 300” in the ‘City’ of London, since it was the ‘City’ of London/Crown Corporation/MI6, that placed the House of Saud in power, in the first place, to 1) De-stabilize the region by dividing Islam into enemy sects, 2) Create the conditions for the creation of the State of (Rothschild-) Israel (est. 1948, illegally, in PALESTINE), and 3) Protect Rothschild/Rockefeller OIL INTERESTS, in the region.

    Beyond the 28 Pages: What Would A REAL 9/11 Investigation Reveal?

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