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21 Life Hacks To Help You Breeze Through the Apocalypse (or at Least the Next Power Outage)

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Life hacks are all over the place at the minute (seriously, they’re everywhere) and some are really good – but often they’re more Martha Stewart than Grizzly Adams.

Here are a few life hacks that are applicable not only to regular everyday lifestyles but to those crazy preppers – ahem – people who are of a preparedness mindset as well. While all of these aren’t necessarily life-saving, they all have the potential to save you money and effort in a survival situation.

This sounds like more of a beauty tip than a prepper tip, but don’t forget to moisturize! Your skin is a barrier that prevents infection. Keep it supple to prevent cracking which provides a route for infection to get into your body. This is an important infection prevention method if antibiotics are either unavailable or no longer work.

Carry plain, refined sugar with you at all times. Those little sachets from fast food restaurants are ideal. Plain sugar poured into a wound keeps it clean and aids healing.

In the midst of a winter power outage, if you’re burning fossil fuels to keep warm, make sure you have adequate ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. You can also get an inexpensive battery operated CO detector.

A slice from the inner tube of a bicycle tire makes an excellent tourniquet. Bonus: It burns even when wet, so it’s also a great fire starter.
Never use a ‘space’ blanket on someone who is cold. The silver surface prevents heat from getting to them. Cuddle up and wrap the foil around both of you to retain body heat. (Here are more ways to use one of those blankets for survival.)

If you are a canner, don’t just put empty mason jars on the shelf, waiting for you to make jam or spaghetti sauce. Keep them filled with water while they’re not in use – they take up the same amount of space whether they’re full of empty.

Keep up to date with household chores. Half an hour a day can save a mammoth clean up once a week. Being organised means you know where everything is should a personal or large scale disaster strike. As well, you aren’t stuck with a huge pile of laundry that you’ll have to handwash should the power go out for an extended period of time.

Explore the contents of the under the sink cupboard and the garden shed. It pays to know what does and does not mix with what. Mixing drain cleaner with bleach will fill your bathroom with chlorine gas, never a good thing to do accidentally – however, that knowledge is a fact that could be useful at some point.

Be careful with wasp nest spray and open flames. Spray plus fire equals flame thrower. (Cough.)

Winter is coming and depending on where you live that could mean power outages and in turn no heat and light. A couple of cheap garden solar lights would give a better than nothing light to stairs and kids bedrooms.

Think about a room within a room in winter power outages. A cheap pop up tent will be several degrees warmer inside than the room around it. This is ideal for apartment dwellers who have limited or no secondary heating.

Practice portion control. Our portion sizes and waistlines are getting bigger. Use smaller plates and let people ask for extra’s if they are still hungry. In a crisis, those who do the most work get the most food as they are using more energy for the good of the family/survival group.

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