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20 Items For Outdoor Survival

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

While there are seemingly countless survival items that you could choose to have with you for outdoor survival, there certainly are items that are more common among those who are asked what they would carry.

In addition, whenever possible, the selection of survival items to carry would likely be tailored for the outdoor circumstance itself.

Survival items that you might carry with you in a small day-pack for a 3 hour summer hike will not be all-inclusive compared to what you might take with you during an overnight in the wilderness, for example.

The time of year, the weather forecast, the geographical region of travel, all these and more will affect your choices if you take the time to analyze them.

Well lets have some fun… I’m going to list 10 items to carry with you for outdoor survival, and you pick 10 more based on some additional ideas that I will list, and/or add your own!

Note: Lets assume that we already have an amount of water and rations, and we are properly clothed for the expected season and weather forecast.

The 5 C’s Of Survival
Cutting, Combustion, Cover, Container, Cordage

1. Fixed Blade Knife (such as the KA-BAR)
2. Magnesium firestarter / FireSteel / flint rod & steel
3. Tarp
4. Stainless Steel Canteen (e.g. G.I. Military w/cup)
5. 550 Paracord (U.S. Made – get at

5 More Items For Outdoor Survival
6. Firearm (Rifle 1st-choice, Handgun 2nd-choice)
7. Hand Axe (e.g Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet)
8. Water Filter (e.g. Sawyer Mini)
9. Multi tool
10. Wool Blanket

List Of Additional Outdoor Survival Items
Okay we need 10 more items in our outdoor exercise of survival. Here are a few thoughts, however add your own (11-20) in the comments below…

Random thoughts:

Steel Pot
Bow Saw
Hammock with bug netting
Folding Saw
First Aid Kit
Duct (Duck) Tape
Snare Wire
Fish Hooks (and line)
Sleeping Bag
Camp Shovel
Cell Phone
Mylar ‘Space’ Blanket
Area Topographical Map
Dry Tinder (e.g. cotton balls w/Vaseline)

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1 comment to 20 Items For Outdoor Survival

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    OK, for camping-hiking-wilderness etc, this is proper information and stuff if you need to be FOUND.

    Those smart phones usually have a gps, even if you can’t call out, you should see where you are in relation to roads, towns etc.

    To RECHARGE you phone, you gotta have either one of those spare power bricks (mine was $20 & can recharge my dead phone at least 4 times, and it has a LED light.)
    A hand crank charger or a DECENT size solar panel charger (5-15 watts)

    If you need to be rescued, flares are NOT so good because they shoot up fast, come dow quick, and many times they don’t help.

    It’s better to have a LASER POINTER, (green can be seen much further than red. I’m talkin’ 5 miles or better.) How about an frs, gmrs 2-way” CB handset?

    But when the SHTF, it’s not likely for people to try to be living in the wilderness, they’ll likely be someplace where roads & homes are hard to get away from. Where in the NORMAL USA can you go and NOT see a car parked every 50ft-1000ft? Every car is ‘comfortable’, real shelter.

    A three hour hike or tour? I’ll take the hot “Ginger” and find out if the red hair is real or fake.

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