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2 Central Banks Just Printed Billions In Fiat Currency Then Immediately Bought Gold Mining Stocks With It!

by Mac Slavo, Freedom OutPost:

When former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was questioned by Ron Paul during a 2011 monetary policy report, he famously told the Congressman that gold is not money and the only reason central banks hold it is because of “long-term tradition. ”

Bernanke’s comments have since been cited by financial pundits as expert advice on why precious metals investments should be considered no different than other traditional investments like equities or bonds. Suggesting they may be a safe haven asset or that there are thousands of years of evidence supporting the claim that gold and silver are money are often laughed at and marginalized.

But if gold and silver are not real money and they are not safe haven assets, then why did the central banks of Switzerland and Norway just print $2 billion dollars in currency and immediately move that paper currency into gold mining companies?

Via Wealth Research Group:

Because they obviously know how risky and experimental these policies really are, they are now jumping ship and leaving us this colossal debt load to suffocate on…

The Swiss central bank has taken this to the next level and recently disclosed a massive one billion dollar position in mining stocks… these 25-plus companies… as a result shot up 400% to 600% this year alone.

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3 comments to 2 Central Banks Just Printed Billions In Fiat Currency Then Immediately Bought Gold Mining Stocks With It!

  • windrunner58

    As a holder of PMs I find this disturbing. All I see happening is that Central Banks are printing money (photocopier or stensil???) to buy and hoard Gold. Once they have all the Gold (not held by the Elites) they will outlaw holding it, and the Fiat paper game continues.

    Not good!!!

  • minuteman

    I really hope you’re wrong! II’m hoping that the CBs are buying low in anticipation of gold trending higher in the near future.

    • windrunner58

      I hope I am too. But think evil, evil to the core. Would you do this if you wanted to keep the fiat game going. I mean, print the money to buy the real asset. CRIMINAL and happening…

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